Shadowlands purchase created account in new region

I would amend your ticket to include this information. There are no GMs on this forum, so unfortunately, posting here won’t get anything fixed for you. You will have to work through the ticket system. Just be aware that ticket times are taking a bit longer with TBCC dropping and some other stuff going on, but they will answer your ticket in the order that it was received.

The shop you visit is usually based on your current location if you didn’t change it, Aeochronos. Not to mention your country is not set for any of the Americas.

We aren’t generally able to transfer a license. Usually, we will refund the original purchase so you can make the one that you wanted. You’ll want to submit a refund request through the Support site.


How do I set region so this doesn’t happen again?

Well it’s two elements. The browser will usually default to the region you currently in.

For the country your account is registered to that would have happened at the creation of the account, and appears to be set in the region you were in. If you moved countries you need to contact our Support staff to update that information.

I don’t believe you are able to change the region for the account itself, but you can update the address/country of residency.

I should note, you would need to actually be in the country you are claiming, a VPN wouldn’t count.


I can prove my residency, but I need to know whether I should get the refund first or make the transfer first. God forbid I make the transfer and you guys tell me I need to contact TW support for the refund and now that I am in the US I can’t do that.

If it was purchased from the TW region, that is where the refund would need to come from.

So once I transfer region, do I just buy the expansion again normally?

Given your current location, it might be tricky to do so, but assuming you are purchasing through the North American shop, you should be able to, yes.

Wait so can you see my refund ticket?
Is it submitted to the wrong region?

If you were connected to the US version of the site it would go to the North American support team, so I’m not sure if they’ll be able to help. If you use the Refund option under the Purchase category does your purchase show up there? If not, you likely need to connect to the TW site for assistance. I don’t believe we have the ability to do anything with those, I can only see them.

Why is this false claim constantly repeated? Sure, you won’t get the same level of support as you would in a ticket, but the blues here are GMs who simply have a different scope of responsibility.

Because it’s true? The SFAs here are not GMs and they will tell you that. They will also tell you that the forums are NOT a contact point to the GMs.


Because our Blues here are SFAs. There are GMs who may peek in on other forums, but this one does not have GM visitors. If it was a false claim, do you not think Vrak would have shut it down in any number of threads where we have to keep repeating ourselves?


“I have the same tools at my disposal that a Game Master does.” Close enough.

I’m not arguing that a ticket isn’t the right way to go and that the scope of the blue’s role is different on the forums, but it’s disingenuous for people to lead others into thinking that the blues here are completely helpless and on the same level as other players.

No one here said they was helpless, not sure where you picked that up…


No, Humanbeak, there aren’t. Support Forum Agents aren’t Game Masters, we don’t have the same responsibilities, we do not take tickets like a GM would.

That is entirely irrelevant to the statement though, Humanbeak. That we may have access to many of the same tools that a Game Master does, does not make us Game Masters nor does it mean we share their responsibilities.

Yes, there are many things that we can do but our scope of support is vastly different from our Game Master. The point when someone says “There aren’t GM’s here” is to discourage a person seeking direct assistance from expecting it because they posted here.


I’m well-aware your scope is different, which is why I stated that numerous times.

Call it what you like - you need to understand that if a player comes to a customer support forum and is told that nobody from Blizzard will help them and that the customer support forum is player-to-player only, that a bad taste will be left in their mouth.

“Player X, to work towards resolving this issue, please submit a ticket” is a much more tactful response than “this is a player-to-player forum and we can’t help you”. Get my point?

I don’t really care - I have no skin in this issue, just a player dumbfounded by the responses given by other players in the manners they do.

Carry on, I’m muting the thread.

No one here has ever said that…

What we do say “Posting here won’t work, you need to submit a ticket” or direct them somewhere that there concerns can be heard.

why pray tell did you highjack the thread?

To the Op, sorry about that…I hope you get your issue resolved.


It is rare that anyone says “no one can help you”, at least that I’ve seen. Nor have I seen where someone says this is a player-to-player only forum.

What they generally say, depending on the issue, is this may be wrong channel for that kind of support and that they need to submit a ticket/or wait for their ticket to be answered. They clarify that a blue response is in no way guaranteed and that they otherwise need to follow the appropriate steps for whatever their issue is. That is assuming is it an issue that our Support staff can help with.

The folks posting here, outside of the SFA’s, don’t work for Blizzard and they are under no obligation to phrase their replies a specific way.

I would like it a great deal if I could rewrite some of the responses that I’ve seen over the years to convey a bit more empathy, understanding, and maybe a bit more clarity in direction. However, every single person posting here has a right to express themselves the way they wish, as long as it abides by our Code of Conduct and policy guidelines.

So you jumped in here to dispute a statement “There are no GMs on this forum”, which is technically a thread derailment, and when challenged on what you said versus what seems to be an ever-evolving definition of what you meant, you decide you’d rather just take your ball and go home?

Alright. O.o