Shadowlands Preview: Soulbinds

Shadowlands Preview: Soulbinds

Soulbind with key members from your Covenant to gain beneficial traits so you can effectively combat all who stand in your way.

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It looks good for the most part. But I worry about having to regrind the same conduit I had before every patch and being at the mercy of RNG. Especially since these Conduits aren’t easily swappable.

If maybe we could separate the effects and the Conduits, we would have a more forgiving system for you to progress? Perhaps making them like essences?


I want to effectively be able to play without doing all this every expansion. It takes away from the content and makes the game less fun.


No, they aren’t. Blizzard has confirmed this, they drop in addition to standard loot.

Conduits will drop in the places that loot drops. They will have item level on them.

-From the Sloot and Paul Kubit interview.

This is dumb


They drop in the places that drop loot, but they don’t replace drops on the loot table. This has been 100% confirmed. I’ll try to dig up the tweet but it has been confirmed.

https:// twitter .com/BellularGaming/status/1281305552874811395?s=20

Also, unlike Relics of Legion, Conduits are an extra space in the loot table. They won’t take the place if other drops.

Seems they’ll be decently common!

Please just make Conduits work like Essences. You got one? you have it permanently and can swap it in and out whenever you want.

If Conduits have Ilvl and must be regrinded over and over again, then whats the difference between Conduits and Azerite?

Please Blizzard don’t repeat the same mistakes that doomed BFA


You don’t have to grind your amulet to unlock the abilities on your armor each time you get a new item drop.

Just an FYI, we as a community liked Legion Relics.


And just an FYI, we as a community liked Relics when the only thing they had on them was iLevel.


Conduits just feel like a bad idea as loot drops…

… specs can be incomplete if you don’t get your right conduit to drop.
… they bloat the loottable by a lot, unless they’re special personal drops.
… take the above two point, with the fact that we will see a lot fewer loot drops, how are you supposed to get these one time consumeables.

The soulbinds themselves?

Necrolords seem extremely underwhelming from a DPS perspective (few DPS conduits, no DPS traits on 2 soulbinds, and Emeni very situational)
Pelagos, Nadjia, and Dravon seem pretty good.

The “on class ability” effects are impossible to balance, when your covenant class ability cooldowns range from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, and should just be removed.


You liked it, Do not try to speak for everyone.

My issue is not even the Ilvl, my issue is the unique powers in them. I don’t want to be stuck using a lower ilvl Conduit because it has a good passive nor do I want to have to refarm the same Conduit over and over again because I like playing more than one spec when I may want to use the same soulbinds but can’t because I would have to destroy the good conduits I already got.


A large portion of the player-base liked it. I will speak for them. It was a liked feature. I’m not going to pretend like your fringe hatred of a good game system is equal to the community’s enjoyment of Legion, because it isn’t.

Legion was a good expansion liked by the vast majority of the base. Honestly, if at your core you don’t like Legion, probably the best expansion (MoP is the only close competitor) within the last 10 years, then you’re simply at odds with what World of Warcraft is a game is trying to accomplish.

True. I believe we’ve seen a trait like that thunderclap trait that is very important for maintaining for Warriors. My hope is that it will be easy to get lower ilvl versions of the traits you want, and simply getting higher ilvl versions of the trait takes more effort.

They are independent of the standard loot table.


Covenants sound god-awul to me.


PLEASE rethink conduits! It is a terrible idea, refarming the best ones for your best DPS is gonna suck. It’s a mistake you can fix now by either making permanent or just not using them, it will be hated.


Got to love how you have to spin the narrative your way. I never even mentioned Legion or anything against it in my comments. I threw hate at BFA and the Azerite system.

I liked legion and enjoyed it quite a lot too. Don’t try and put words I haven’t said in my mouth.

You ain’t some kind of hivemind to know what everyone thinks, I speak only for myself as you do.

The topic is Soulbinds and conduits, not whatever my opinion or “hate” as you so-called is about Legion’s Relics.


The 2nd half of legion was okay, but how good an expansion is is majorly subjective as are the systems within them. The first half of legion was absolutely god awful. I didn’t like relics personally so i mean there’s that

Every recent expansion has had terrible systems that affect gameplay and offspecs/alts. BFA has necks and neck traits, azerite gear, corruption, and the worst RNG loot system possible. This Shadowlands expansion was looking promising until all this. We are adding abilities and attributes to classes through covenants and soulbinds and probably other additional BS just leading to more imbalance and RNG (my guess similar to corruption).

The best way to solve the crap storm that blizz introduced in recent expansions would be to give the ability or perk directly to the class (prune abilities if needed as 800 buttons don’t make a difference when your core rotation will always be only a couple anyway) and make the class feel special and unique again not the gear or legendary item you now magically posses or some supernatural covenant giving you added powers because we are the saviors of the world.

If you make a mage or a warrior, you should have abilities unique to them already built into the kit and not need extra world questing or RNG drops/farming/rep to enhance them. That is what gear is for and always has been for.

Im sure there will be people who disagree, but when it was just the class itself with number tuning it makes it a hell of a lot easier to balance things (not that I believe Blizz puts much work into balancing certain aspects of this game anyway).

Spare the hate just my 2 cents on the current state of all this unnecessary additions to the game. Just make an engaging story with balanced pve and pvp and call it a day. It doesn’t have to be that hard.

Classic/vanilla was crazy with class uniqueness. Just make tanks able to have a taunt and defensives and dps classes have fun and unique spells (same as healers) and call it a day and balance around those numbers. not all this other jazz.

End Rant.
Thank you,


Please don’t give conduits an item level. The biggest problem with NLC and one of the major problems with Azerite was getting a higher ilvl piece that had a power you didn’t like as much (whether that was for simming reasons or you just considered it less fun to use).

With Azerite it was tied to the ilvl of the whole piece, but relics affected the ilvl of your artifact too so there was sometimes a feeling of “I have to use this, it’s higher ilvl, so I have to give up the old power I liked”. (That was also one of the bad aspects of tier sets, when you had to ditch them next patch).

Make it so you either have conduit X or you don’t, there’s no epic version of conduit X that you have to weigh against the rare tier of conduit Y.

ETA: Legion legendaries were all the same item level so you wouldn’t ever have to do this. Cool stuff vs. bigger numbers is a bad tradeoff to be forced into for the same reason “Increase your primary stat by X%” would be a bad talent.