Shadowlands Preview: Soulbinds

at that point why upgrade your weapon? People need to look at this like a piece of gear. You have a +6 crit from LFR. Normal will have +10. You’ll never use the 6 again.

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Because a weapon does not change how my abilities behave. A weapon only makes them hit harder.

I don’t want to be again in the situation where there i got two conduits. One is higher Ilvl but has a bad passive while the other is a lower Ilvl but has an extremely good passive that totally invalidates the Ilvl gain from the other.


I thought we’re gonna soulbind to dead characters like Garrosh, Uther, or Cenarious. Come on, we don’t want some random new characters.


@Blizzard can you please pin these covenant previews @ the top? I would like to continue reference these covenants so I can make an informed decision for my characters, instead of hunting them through countless threads! PLease Blizz throw a lifeline. :slightly_smiling_face:

They got pinned and unpinned, the top of the forum was full of Blue threads so they dropped it back down again.

Yeah I saw that as well. Pretty weird. Come on Blizz. Wurk Wurk! :face_with_monocle:


SL will most likely be a subpar expansion. The class mechanics are going to be mostly Legion/BFA style as opposed to MoP/WoD style, and the end-game systems (such as soulbinds) will most likely require us to grind until we’re halfway to the next patch just to unlock all the abilities, just as it was in Legion and BFA. This is the path Blizzard is on, and they don’t seem to have any interest in once again making gear the only form of character progression that affects performance. They keep adding all this other stuff you gotta grind for all expansion long. When you’re finally done getting all the abilities, they’ll introduce new ones in the next patch, and you’ll have to start grinding all over again, just like the second set of artifact traits that were added in 7.2, or the netherlight crucible in 7.3, or the azerite traits, essences, and corruption in BFA. I’m tired of this. It’s exhausting. I just wanna kill stuff and have fun.


I dunno… I can’t just soulbind with anyone you know. I require some wining and dining first.


System’s looking cool, though :stuck_out_tongue:


Just sounds a lot like some BFA stuff with minor improvements. Based on most feedback I’ve heard this probably isn’t the best news… but personally I don’t really mind it, though I’d prefer something more fresh.

I’ve purposelly kept away from SL information as I want as few spoilers as possible, so I may be wrong here - but souldbinds sound similar to Heart of Azeroth essences / azerite gear traits… and as long as it’s not locked behind an exponentially heightening cost (i.e. like azerite gear) at least it’s a slight improvement.

very accurate

I was hoping they were going to stop this sort of nonsense and give us real talent trees back, this game gets more in the weeds every expansion


Extremely concerning for PvP and what could lead to an extremely toxic PvP environment.

PvPers usually request that you:

Play on the same faction
Roll the correct race
Be the right spec
Have the right talents

And in BfA:

Have the right essences unlock
Have the right corruption
Have your cloak maxed

This could very well lead to a toxic pvp environment of:

Looking for Horde Rogue, Maldraxxus Covenant, Y Soulbind, X conduit unlocked

The amount of filtering players will have to go through just to pvp will be insane.

BfA had a lot of “failed” systems, Blizzard has proven imcapible of any real balance as seen with traits and talents throughout all of BfA and now with corruptions.

These systems will not work. They will not be balanced. They will not be fun.

It would be pretty neat if you did the following:

  1. Make the PvP “mandatory” talents baseline
  • A large proportion of talents and PvP talents are unused as they are not properly balanced. Add the PvP talents that everyone takes back to the class baseline and in it’s place, put the 4 covenant abilities in their place in the UI.

2) Make Covenants have a singular PvP Soulbind that acts as the Spec’s new PvP talent tree.

  • This soulbind, this “Shadow Mercenary,” would be shared between all covenants and would help remove this stigma of “you are the wrong covenant” that is bound to happen.
  1. The “Perk” of WarMode could then have the advantage of using 2 soul binds at once. This PvP one and one of the others.

Please Blizzard, listen to the community, we have already lived through this once in BfA.


Soooo will we be able to get these in battlegrounds etc??? I refuse to touch pve so how will i get them in bg/ World quest wpvp/arenas?


Yet another layer of grinding. How many now?
Cloak level

  • Shadowlands:

This expansion can’t come out any sooner ;w;

Just rename the expansion from Shadowlands to Systemlands already. Remember when the game was at its most popular/best? Gear was gear. You ran specific things for specific gear. There were little to no advanced systems like this. It does NOT make the game fun.

Also what happened to Shadowlands being “alt friendly” ? Doesn’t seem like it to me…



If Blizz is going to make getting to max level take less than a day (or you could just buy a boost instantly…) they should at least cater to alts so that people can experience the game in different ways other than just farming world quests, covenant rep, and what ever other time gated reps or traits you will need to even play the game on your main.

Alts are fun and have their benefits but also pointless if you have to put as much time into them as your main that you already ran the story quests on, farmed all the rep for, and spent countless hours grinding what ever “essence like feature” will be in this game that’s not account wide.

Seems like a waste and I already pre-purchased… I guess early expansions and Classic taught them nothing.

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I purchased game time because I heard that PvP was coming back in Shadowlands… As a PvP only player this xpac was unplayable. If this system simply replaces artifact and azerite there’s no way Im buying shadowlands. Please don’t do this again. The whole point of PvP is to test your skill against a REAL player, reaction time, resource management, and proper utilization of your tool kit. Allowing players to have an advantage based on the amount of time they play is the reason this PvP system died.


Stop the borrowed power crap and let us play a class. This sounds like more stapled on bs taking away from core class and choices.