Shadowlands Preview: Oribos

Shadowlands Preview: Oribos

Oribos is the crossroads of the Shadowlands, where the impassive Arbiter passes judgment on souls, and shadowy denizens swap gossip and anima.

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What happen to their heads?

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Instead, every one of them is being damned to the torment of the Maw—a place from which you were the first to successfully escape

Does that mean Sylvanas didn’t go to the Maw when she hopped off of ICC after Wrath?

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Are they Protoss?

no see each soul when they die goes to a sort of purgatory where they are sorted into which plane of the afterlife they go to. sylvanus kinda just cheated though because she wasnt actually dead or anything
our characters are going to cheat also because we arnt dead

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If that’s the case why did she see Arthas there? For that matter, why would all souls be subjected to overwhelming torment prior to being sorted?

She didn’t escape per se, she made a bargain with the Jailer.

The Oribos is under attack!


idk for that youll have to ask the devs. the current info we have is what i mentioned

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Somehow, the cycle broke between the time Sylvanas allegedly saw the Maw and we went to the Shadowlands. We don’t know why yet, as that’s probably going to be what the story is about.

All we know is that the Jailer is probably building power. Teldrassil burned so millions of souls could enter the Maw. That was the whole point of Sylvanas starting the war, actually.

We’ll just have to wait and see!


Having help to escape is still escaping.

Hmm, interesting. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

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they failed the judgement?

i dont knwo the full lore but like the best of souls go to birathian for example whcih si the more holy good afterlife and like more evil souls will go to vanthyr and be tormented

Definitely getting some Planescape vibes from this expansion.


a good way to think about it would be like the planes of ablivion in the elder scrolls games. each area in shadowlands is its own plane of existance and this hub world is how you get to each plane like the protals to oblivian

at least from how i understand it i think thats a good example

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They wouldn’t normally be subjected to overwhelming torment. The Arbiter is dormant and no longer sending people to their deserved afterlives.

As for Sylvanas I don’t really think she went to the Maw. The fact that she encountered Val’kyr who were able to save her says she was somewhere that the Val’kyr could save her from. Since no one has ever escaped from the Maw, I doubt she actually ended up all the way there.

From what I gather it sounds like the interaction had her somewhere “between” places and was able to talk to the Jailor but wasn’t, herself, actually consigned to the Maw. It’s possible, for example, that she wasn’t “sent” to the Maw in the sense that she belonged there and thus didn’t have to escape; she could have been free to walk out regardless.

That all said the thing that confuses me is that Sylvanas is a banshee that parades around in it’s original corpse. Why would a large fall kill her? The body is dead already, she’d just pop out as a banshee.

Because she landed on a Saronite spike, which has the ability to wound the soul.


If that’s where they go before being judged it wouldn’t matter if the Arbiter is dormant or not. Even if she was still doing her job, they’d have to suffer through it between dying and being judged.

As a side note, now that I think about it, why are all of the souls being sent to the Maw now? Is it because the Jailor is actively doing something since she’s out of the way or is that just the default if they don’t get judged as not deserving it?

It’s because ICC was built from Saronite. She’d have survived a regular fall but because it’s made from the blood of an Old God, it was able to kill her,

I believe the implication is that the Arbiter was already dormant when Sylvanas took the plunge, leading to her ability to observe the Maw, hitch a ride before actually ending up there, and still being able to make a deal.

You know what? I hadn’t even thought of that. That’s a good point, thanks. (Also thank you Rebhe for supplying the same information.)

Gorgeous city. Glad I’ll be spending two years in a pretty place. :grin: