Shadowlands Preview: Ardenweald and the Night Fae Covenant

Long time Druid. ( ALT )…This will be my home …

Hi Blizzard,

Is it possible to get full resolution versions of the other photos you used in this article? They would also make for wonderful wallpapers! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

PS: Love the zone, definitely joining the Night Fae.


I second this request lol.

You know, I wasn’t a fan of the idea of a night fae paladin but that plate set is really baller.

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Thanks for the callout – the link can’t be included into the HTML until after the thread is generated and it takes a moment to populate and update it. :slight_smile:


Ardenweald is so beatiful! The sky, that amazing giant tree, the creatures… just perfect.


I’m really interested by the other side part of the Ardenwald covenant, please release some screenshots/wallpaper of it :slight_smile: . Also great looking tree, let’s hope nobody burns it. Just some Horde thought, we do like to light a tree time to time.

Woh, its so beautiful… the art in SL is just topnotch! Dev Art team really are out did them self in this expansion! :clap: :partying_face:
I’m not into much into the Fae RP fantasy (ever since one of my old RPG fantasy devouring reality evil character was given a 10,000 year curse indigestion for consuming Fae) but this has my interest picked!


I absolutely adore this zone. But… I’m sorry. I can’t resist the call of the Swolekin.


This is probably the covenant ill stick to. I may be a paladin and paladins probably fit a little more into Bastion but I never saw this character as a paladin but more of a sunwalker and have ties to the land and nature.

Also yes my paladin was outraged at the burning of teldrassil.


Plate makes them look like tree bark.

I knew this was gonna be my covenant, my two favorite classes are druid and hunter. So I’m gonna pick it for flavor, in my mind no other covenant really makes sense with those two classes. At least not how I tend to think of them.


This zone looks amazing! It reminds me of Dreanor’s Shadowmoon Valley, which is one of my favorite zones in the game.

Cannot wait to join the Ardenweald with my Druid main!

The leather armor set is so disappointing. It’s almost enough to sway my druid from choosing the druid covenant… terrible…


Seeing those graphics, my pc sweats nervously.

Kinda adore the Maldraxxus mail set though; I need the Venthyr’s flayed shot covenant ability, have a strong urge to explore Ardenweald the most of any of the realms (would have thought the Fae would have gotten the good looking armor who knew it’d be the undeads?), and found what was missing in my transmog in Maldraxxus…

Wow, it looks absolutely amazing. I love it!

So, I love the visuals that you guys have for Ardenweald - absolutely beautiful zone. The armor is amazing and I’m totally doing the Covenant on a toon. I’m hyped!

All of this being said… can you take another pass at the Leather armor? It looks and feels really lackluster when put beside the Plate. Maybe some of that glowy bark?


IT’S SO PRETTY! I want to live there.


We’re happy to share!