Shadowlands Prepatch and the State of Alliance Leadership (Spoilers)

So, some lines got added last build, mainly surrounding Kael’thas and Huln, but there are a few lines from Shaw that give us a major sneak peak into the events of the prepatch, and the state of Alliance leadership in the aftermath.

“Champion, you are needed in Stormwind on a matter of great urgency… and discretion. Come at once, and come alone.”

“The Ebon Blade has extracted the Lich- The Highlord from the battle in Icecrown. He is recovering in Acherus.”

“King Greymane, you shouldn’t remain out in the open like this. You’re too tempting a target.”

“Still, we need you in the throne room. There are matters of state that must be overseen until the King’s return.”

“I don’t question the High Exarch’s ability to defend the Alliance, but as a king yourself, don’t you think you should sit upon the throne?”

“Yes, your Majesty.”

Now, obviously, we only have one half of this conversation, but it seems like Anduin goes with the player to the Maw, and is trapped there similar to Jaina and Tyrande. In his stead, Turalyon, who was named High Commander in Shadows Rising, is now the interim leader of Stormwind and the Alliance, something Shaw believes Genn would be better suited for.

Quite a lot to think about, and speculate on its ramifications for the future.


I still feel bad that they did Bolvar Dirty, and i’m now curious about Him meeting his daughter for the first time in years.


Doesn’t really surprise me that he’d choose Turalyon. After Stormheim, he’s probably worried Genn would do something…impulsive.


Worse if the time skip is true? :thinking:

So is Turalyon going to sit on the throne of Stormwind for an expansion?

Also, why on earth is the king going to the Shadowlands? Any faction leader should not go, that’s just stupid of them.


Bolvar losing to sylvanas was the best thing that could happen to him. He went from a hat rack back to actually being a character again. Now he can participate in stories with the baggage of the scourge. I’m looking forward to seeing him in shadowlands.


I don’t think anyone is choosing to go. The pre-patch event is supposed to be a Scourge Invasion, with the undead going mad without the Helm to control them.

I think we go up north to fight the Scourge and then get slurped up into the Shadowlands. I could be wrong though, but that’s been my feeling.


It’s probably a bit of both, this seems to take place just before we go to the Maw, since the player is there to witness it, so it’s likely a “the king’s sent forth a squad of leaders to go do some big push, go with them” and Anduin placed Turalyon as temporary leader until he returns, which he won’t because he’s sucked into the Maw.


That’s still pointlessly putting the King on the front lines. Why is Anduin being there better than Turalyon? It’d make more sense for Turalyon to be up there in the north fighting than Anduin.


From the audio we have with Nathanos it sounds like part of the prepatch is we hunt him down but the attempt to take him out goes bad FAST. He is juiced up on Jailer power and might as well be a god from how little effect we can make on him.

It is possible at this point Anduin and others go missing.

Turalyon certainly seems the obvious choice. The last of the OG Paladins, who has trained for a thousand years. Maybe Anduin feels guilty about sending people to die to the Scourge after all the lives lost in the Fourth War.

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This brings to mind the whole “Time speed varies in the Shadowlands” thing Blizzard talked about.

Who knows how old Anduin will be when he gets out of the Shadowlands… Imagine him being the old man from Son of the Wolf Comic despite only a few years passing on Azeroth!


Anduin should suck it up, he’s a King not a boy, he has responsibilities and running off to fight wars is absolutely irresponsible of him, and frankly I think less of him for it.

He’s not even that good of a fighter or commander, so it’s not like we’re going to loose something from him not being there.

Anduin needs to put his people before his own pride.


Huh, news to me; got any links for these too?


just like blizzard said

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we willingly go to the shadowlands

Here’s a link to the Kael’thas ones.

Agreed. The right task for the right person. Anduin’s not a fighter and he’s not a tactician. He’ll be more effective in Stormwind helping rebuild after the losses of the war rather than on the front lines.


I think it’s pretty on brand for Anduin to want to go, personally, and I can understand why he made that choice


These are the Huln files. We assist him in a hunt of a particularly powerful Devourer in Ardenweald, one of the World Eaters. We work with him as part of the Ardenweald covenant quest lines.

These are the ones about Kael’thas. Granny vampire ain’t taking no crap from him.

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