Shadowlands Paladin Class Changes Preview

Paladin Class and Specialization Changes

General Changes

Blessing of Sacrifice , Hammer of Wrath , Sense Undead , Shield of the Righteous , Turn Evil , and Word of Glory will be available to all Paladins, regardless of their specialization.Holy Power returns as a resource for all Paladins to use to fight off attackers and defend their allies. Abilities such as Crusader Strike and Hammer of Wrath grant Holy Power on use, which can then be spent to call upon the most powerful forms of the Light—including Word of Glory and Shield of the Righteous —to vanquish foes and protect allies.As champions of the Light, all Paladins can use powerful Auras to safeguard and enhance their allies. Concentration Aura returns to all Paladins, reducing the duration of interrupts and silences. A redesigned Retribution Aura allows Paladins to avenge fallen allies with a short burst of Avenging Wrath, giving these holy warriors the strength to vanquish evil or keep their remaining allies on their feet. Crusader and Devotion Auras are also available to all Paladins.All Paladins will also have access to more Talents that allow them to manipulate and spend Holy Power. The Divine Purpose Talent will be available for all Paladins to select and standardized for all specializations, allowing their abilities that spend Holy Power to have a decent chance to make the next Holy Power-spending ability free and increase its damage or healing output. Holy Avenger allows the generation of huge bursts of Holy Power in a short window, while Seraphim allows the Paladin to spend their Holy Power to increase their secondary stats for a moderate amount of time.


The Azerite Trait Glimmer of Light moves to a space in the Level 50 Talent row, competing with powerful existing options such as Beacon of Faith. While Holy Paladins’ Aura Talent row has been replaced by the class-wide Aura bar, Aura Mastery continues to give Holy Paladins the unique ability to give any Aura a special empowerment.


To better uphold their oath to protect the innocent, Protection Paladins now exude Shining Light —a new passive that makes the next cast of Word of Glory free whenever Judgment critically strikes a target, enabling Protection Paladins to shield themselves and defend their allies from attackers.


The darkest places within the Shadowlands inspire Retribution Paladins to perform valorous acts in the name of the Light. Wake of Ashes is available to all Retribution Paladins instead of needing to be picked as a Talent, allowing these holy warriors to vanquish evil with a blow so powerful it damages all foes close to its impact and reduces any survivors’ movement speed significantly. Demon and Undead enemies are further crippled with a substantial stun when struck with the ability. Empyrean Power (previously an Azerite Trait) will be available as a Talent, giving Crusader Strike a moderate chance to make the next Divine Storm cost no Holy Power and increase the damage dealt by a significant amount.

There are some amazing changes in this post by Blizzard. Can’t wait to see more coming out of them.


Divine Purpose, Wake of Ashes and Empyrean power as baseline skills/passives was pretty much my entire wish list from a combat perspective. 10/10


Can’t be sure without trying it of course, but I hate the idea of Holy Power coming back for all specs. Build-and-spend for dps? Sure, whatever. But healing and tanking need abilities that are highly adaptive to the situation, not stuck to a rotation to maximize resource generation. Super bummed about that.


HP staying and Seals not returning make me sad. Might shelf the Paladin for Shadowlands.


Where is Exorcism !!?? :fearful:


This is the last thing I want to see coming back as a “competitive” choice. Holy Power coming back makes to Holy gives me a lot of hope though.

Divine Purpose is not gonna be baseline, they say ‘‘The Divine Purpose talent’’ to select* in the talent tree along with holy avenger and seraphim. Exactly like mop.

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Shield of the Righteous available to Ret? does this possibly mean ret could sword n board dps?

Also I think Exorcism by the sounds of it is making a return. And it seem like Word of Glory is having its CD removed but keeping it 3 target healing.

I also noticed that Judgement wasn’t mention as generating holy power. This got me speculating to thinking, what if they changed it so Judgement was a holy power spender replacing Templar’s Verdict and Hammer of Wrath took Judgements previous spot?.
I don’t know my mind just when to a weird place.

No of course not. It’ll be an awkward light-shield coming out of your torso as your Ret backhands the target only.


Maybe we’re getting a poor man’s defensive stance…

I didn’t see anything regarding Exorcism, where are you seeing this?


Shield of the Righteous for all specs is so strange that I wonder if it’s a typo.

Probably seeing Turn Evil and assuming Exorcism comes with it.


I want exorcism back. BoJ animation and sound is so annoying.


It was available to all spec in wotlk, that’s probably why its making its reintroduction back to every spec available.

Also they would’ve clearly cited Exorcism among with the 2 other undead/demon spells which they did not. (Also don’t forget about Holy Wrath.) But they said themselve Paladin’s archetype is a holy avenger and bane of the undead. So Exorcism should have come back.

They didn’t speak really about anything so I don’t know why you think judgement isn’t generating holy power anymore.


I had such strong hopes Holy Power would be removed. But it’s ADDED. They are evolving, but in reverse.


I have a feeling it is due with crusader strike being such an used ability because of the Glimmer build with Crusader’s Might that having crusader strike and holy shock, and probably judgement, generating holy power would make it less obnoxious than during cataclysm.

Any versions of Prot or Holy are better than what we have currently. I welcome any changes, as both specs are currently awful experiences.

Besides, Holy Power on Holy in particular was very, very enjoyable, back in the day.


For prot, I’m hoping they allow Shield of the Righteous strength to scale based on holy power spent. I think choosing between a high uptime of a smaller SoR vs low uptime for a huge SoR based on the situation would be pretty interesting.

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How are Seals not coming back, and Holy still have to use Holy Power? :frowning:


But dude… AURAS! Aren’t you excited?

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You don’t have control over holy power spent anymore. Ret’s Templar’s Verdict and Divine Storm can only be used with 3 holy power.

Most of the people in this class forum wanted Auras back, they got what they wanted.

I personally despised them because they essentially bring nothing gameplay wise and are boring as hell. Maybe the auras costed Exorcism to not be brought back.

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