Shadowlands: Mounts, Pets, and More (Part 1)

Yes that was cool looking .

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…and right here, we have some perfect examples of why we don’t see blue posts even in the way of banter any more.


…Guess I’ll go finish getting exalted with Kyrian and use some of my thousands of ores to make the engineering battle pet or something.

I’d rather have an extra dungeon or side raid then all this non sense of pets and mounts

Oh I thought these were new upcoming mounts :frowning:

There are at least three mounts in Ardenweald that require 0 effort. We have a lot of “bronze drakes” this expac.

More importantly, there’s a list as long as the Great Wall and most of them are covenant locked. Yeah, cool design.Thrilled to see all these mounts I can’t use unless I pick a covenant I don’t want.

I don’t care about Blizzard’s banter posts. I care about the game. And the complete lack of communication regarding class balance before yesterday was ruining it for me and for a lot of other people.

I’d answer which one I like best, but there’s no way I’m grinding all that anima.

After spending weeks on multiple toons, multiple level, multiple convenants and not seeing the Tahonta mount drop I tried to put in a ticket to see if I was wasting my time. They told me they couldn’t give game hints and to look in forums and wowhead. Wowhead has no confirmed drops of this mount. Now I see a blizz post stating it drops from Tahonta and refering to wowhead with a link. This is shocking how little info there is and the item likely isn’t even live yet is in a blizz post.

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plus, when a tauren, like myself, mounts up on the plaguebat, it makes the dh class hall mount look so puny

They released Sha in MoP, the world boss, with the Heavenly Onyx serpent not dropping correctly. It was a LONG time before it was noticed, and I feel like it took a pretty big post for it to be brought to their attention. I may be mis-remembering, that was a long time ago.

I can tell you I’ve wasted a lot of time waiting for Tahonta’s spawn, only to learn that A] I don’t believe it’ll drop/be useable by non-Zombie Frat House members, and B] It doesn’t appear to actually drop at all.