Shadowlands looks like WOD 2.0

Tbh i prefer it to be world of altcraft.

Over a World of your alt will be useless now

So you hope they add a new selfie cam?

Its more like “Mythic+ or Raid or PVP”

I think your right about WOD. One thing I’d like your opinion on is the game seems to revolve more around vetting people’s skill to get anything done rather than picking people based on if you enjoy playing with them. Do you agree with that? I’ll open that question to anyone’s opinion btw.


No but I hope they make the content enjoyable like it was in WoD . What little it had was enjoyable as well as my class. SL content is enjoyable but only on a couple of my toons because they are the hunter I picked the meta covenant on and the one I picked the one where I picked the covenant I actually wanted .

Yep Blizz and Ion Hazzikostos really dropped the ball this expac . What a bad design . Cater to the 5% and the rest can piss off . Was that the intended design ?


It’s takes MONTHS longer to gear from just mythic plus then it does from raids or pvp , MONTHS

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Yep that is exactly what slands was intended to be. Slands is everything media influencers wanted. Now all the influencers are either not playing the game, taking a break, no longer raid hardcore, don’t do mythic plus or their guild collapsed. All while we are stuck with this adrenaline junkie expansion being forced to vet every player we see before we do any content with them cause it’s that hard to do anything now. Like you no longer can just play with people you enjoy or give people a chance unless you want to fail sauce everything outside a world boss Zerg. Oh and all loot worth getting past covenants is locked behind this said high skill level content that no one enjoys not even the elites that made blizz shove it down all our throats.


But that was the most boring aspect of WoD? Apexis crystals? Such amazing content lmao.

WoD too was a raid only focused expansion, it didn’t even have M+ nor world quests.

It had…nothing…just Garrison nonsense and that’s it. No world to it.

Slands definitely has problems, but not like WoD’s.

I liked Apexis crystals and CRAFTING in wod because you could make your character stronger with better gear. You could kit yourself out pretty good in wod with crafted gear alone. Was fun for me. Now wod indeed was depressing when the entire game became a ghost town. Slands has a lot more potential but atm there is a lot and I mean a lot of people not having fun and with a few changes it could be good. But it’s looking a lot like wod 2.0. I apologize I could make better points but I’m sure we agree on a lot. I like the points you made as well. It’s just my generic take on slands. It’s not like my opinion even matters ya know so I kept it generic.

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I tell you what, you were definitely right on the money about the gear situation in raid or M+ back in November.

Gear does indeed feel like a slog to get it to a decent level.

At least they’re fixing things somewhat but I’m not sure how much.

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Indeed brotha, i find the gear situation pretty funny and interesting while we are becoming more democratic has a society in the real world but somehow in wow we are becoming more elitist/tribal within wow. I just want to chill and get some decent gear for my character ok? How is this a problem. Why are people up in arms about me wanting a way to gear my characters in a chill way. I don’t want 226 and heck I won’t even bother you if I do. I’m relaxing playing wow. What going here is what I tell myself why can’t this be fun.

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Yep. Bliz designed so many things in SL to maximize inequality and lo and behold the game is not healthy.

Mid to low keys n M+ are dead, the AH is dead, and the world is a ghost town.

Good job Bliz.


It’s not WoD 2.0. It’s BFa 2.0.

If you need entertainment you can watch some of these influencers YouTube channels and see how completely out of touch they are with people that actually play the game in their free time. Designing an expansion around people who do nothing other than play wow all day with premade groups is a recipe for disaster. And people that play the game religiously at a high level don’t even spend money on wow. They sell carries or make YouTube videos and get content for free or time invested. A great exampl is the main guy and I won’t say his name but it starts with an A… he spewed all this nonsense for years about how wow needs to be more hardcore ect. And the moment they make the game like that he quits raiding or doing any high end content. And despite all that these are the people having the biggest impact on the community and how blizzard designs the game. Wow is literally now exactly what all these hardcore people wanted and no one likes it. BTW I don’t see anything wrong with these people having their voice heard or what not but blizz need to turn the volume down in terms of listening to them.


“Cater to Akston and Co. or Die.”

There, fixed it for you.

Thank you. I appreciate the assist.

I don’t pvp though. So not sure it works out that way.

Why do you think I’m on your side?

The game is dying and it’s your fault.

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Got it. Just trolling today. Not even pretending to participate in the conversation.

Sad and pathetic. But you do you.

Have a great day.

Mhm. Why even bother responding to a comment that old?

Anyway, that’s no longer an issue in 905 assuming you’re capable of 15s. Upgrading drops to 220 in addition to getting 226 pieces from the vault will be plenty of gear.

The only disparity will really be the 233 weapons that mythic raid and PvP can offer. M+ ought to have an equivalent somewhere.

Clearly you didn’t play WoD if you think Shadowlands is WoD 2.0