Shadowlands looks like WOD 2.0

Well the elite players got everything they wished for and more. No random loot at all, everyone can get the legendary they want, exactly no point to world quests after the first week. All good loot will be behind a raid or die expansion. I love how people say level an alt. I did not sign up for WORLD OF ALT CRAFT. I logged in to do the pre patch event and sat there wondering why am I waiting 20 mins for a rare to spawn for loot that is low effort and basically pointless in 2 weeks. Torghast wont drop any gear and crafting is pointless outside of legendary crafting. At least wod had apexis crystals and decent crafting but this expansion is just a raid log. Please blizzard stop listening to these raid loggers or carry sellers for input on how to make a game.


You have a handful of avenues to gear. Good gear doesn’t only come from raids.

You can get mythic raid quality gear from mythic + and PvP (though in PvP it requires a very high rating.)

Folks that don’t want to raid, run dungeons or do PvP get a decent set from their covenant too.

Are you upset that Titan forging is gone or something? Most of the folks I remember crying about that were casual players. lol


You could just do +15s and ranked PvP too. It would be more valuable to have a diverse set of gearing methods that compliment your playstyle over just raid gear.

WoD didn’t give us that flexibility.

In terms of raid I’m probably just going to stick to being a heroic pleb and do +14/15s should be fun!


Honest question: what is going on with world quests in Shadowlands? I keep seeing people being upset about them and I’m not sure what they are talking about. Are they like 8.3/this pre patch and just super tedious and dull? Do they not drop loot as often as the BfA ones? Sorry if this is a derail, but I’m lost on the OPs point.


I don’t think it’s going to be that bad but I do agree they need to stop catering to people who basically want Overwatch with raiding.

They screwed the design since legion though, that was the real decline. For all the crap that WOD got it still felt good and didn’t trt to turn WoW into Diablo III with infinite scaling treadmill content.


Treasure missions plz :slight_smile:


Rare spawn times are 20 minutes which aren’t fast enough for some people.

More context as to the event is


Torghast was never confirmed to drop gear.

I’m sorry, but how is giving players a choice in the gear they receive ever a bad thing?


I will be interested to see how the community takes to SLs.

I just hope the delay was worth it.


Oh, I’m sorry, I meant in actual Shadowlands; not the pre-patch. However, that link cleared up something else I was wondering, so thank you very much for helping me out :slight_smile:


Was more than just “elitists” that had issues with luck having more of a factor in gearing than player time & skill. But sure.

Wait, would you like to go back to Legiondaries where it was just nothing but blind-luck? Is your idea of a fun & engaging gearing system being nothing but stupid luck?

And that’s different than it currently is… how? I’ll agree that the new WQ’s are a boring slog and calling them WQ3.0 is a hilarious attempt at making it seem like new content. Same with renaming emissaries and screaming “LOOK! THEY’RE DIFFERENT!”

Wrong. You’ll still very much get Mythic raid-level loot from weekly chest that you get choices from PvP & M+. Only difference here is you can’t technically outgear Heroic raid within a day on a fresh 60. But at the end of the day, it’s 3 ilvls.

Being able to actually play something beyond a main for the entirety of the week is not catering to raid loggers. Having systems where you are put in a position of either you play a single character day in & day out or harm yourself & your raid team is not a good solution. And neither is having absolutely nothing to do outside of raid.

Thankfully that’s not the case here, and there’s incentives to do more than just raid.


Torghast should really reward a chance at the weekly chest. Other than that I’m looking forward to SL.


WQ in SL drop gear whose ilvl is tied to your Renown level instead of scaling off your current ilvl.


raid or die

  1. 99% of people that use this term has no idea what it means.

Really! Ok. I … have no idea how to feel about that, lol. But it is interesting and I was definitely unaware, so thank you!

Here I will help you. In this case it means raid or logout cause that is what the expansion offers.


This game is heading down a massive path to disaster. Nothing like the original wow I started playing hope they survive SL.


M+? Pvp? There hasn’t been a raid or die since wod, you just heard someone use it one day and didn’t know what it was, and then you started using it forever just because.


There is plenty of content to do and most of it is weekly capped which is nice since you dont have to rush and do everything every day. Better gear SHOULD be rewarded for harder content, not sure why people can’t understand this? It’s like expecting to earn $100,000 a year with no degree flipping burgers vs someone who has their masters or doctorate. No random loot you say? How so, dungeons and raid loot is random drops, M+ cache at the end is random. The weekly cache is random to a degree considering you get to pick but the pieces are random. Sure you don’t have to do your WQ but the rep is nice especially if you want to get honored quick and not worry about Pathfinder all that much later. What do you like to do because it sounds like you dont like Raiding or Dungeons.


What? Raid logging hasn’t really been possible since WoD. The ap grind ensures that.