Shadowlands looks like WOD 2.0

Do either of you guys know any other titles out there that are decent and not guild wars?

Brotha wod was awesome for pvp players dude. Slands is the same thing. That’s one example slands is wod 2.0

As far as MMOs? No. GW isn’t even in my “decent” list. Hopefully something comes out. Eye on a few. But development takes so long.

SL pvp content is not great. It just gives gear.

WoD was raid or die. SL is not.

Dude I played a bunch of eso over the last 2 years. It’s not as good as wow used to be but it’s pretty decent and beautiful if you got a 1070 or higher graphics card. FFxiv was good back in the day but nothing like wow when it’s good.

I never enjoyed ESO’s combat or class system.

Looks pretty though, with a good story.

I agree with you wows pvp was better I mean we basically agree on things so I’m not going to argue your against your points.

Yeah the story in ESO is actually awesome, except its combat ew. The character’s hips never move from their place either it makes the animations look like poo. Literally their hip joint just doesn’t move ever.

Yeah it’s pretty good but Wow is definitely king when it’s good or if you are just new to it.

Oh you know what title is actually good, Fallout 76, but you run out of things to do eventually. You can actually beat that MMO.

I thought about trying fallout but I’m probably not. At this point I’m waiting eso new expansion and ffxiv new expansion in terms of what I will play. Outside of that I’m in a holding pattern for new rpg/mmorpg to release. I’d lose a vital organ for elder scrolls 6

ES 6 will come out at the same time as Pantheon.

Around 2032

I know right it’s so sad. My friends and I knew when they announced elder scrolls online that we where not getting another elder stills title for a very long time. So sos disappointing. We all here playing the same games for decades it’s Sadge.

Bethesda current priority is Starfield. Which doesn’t even have a release date or gameplay trailer.

THEN they will work on ES6.

I am just hoping for sometime this decade.

Me too I’m in that same boat as the older lady who begged Bethesda to make es 6 before she died and I’m only 40

Pray Zenimax isn’t making it. This has to be the Microsoft based title.

Its all Microsoft at this point no?

They haven’t merged legally yet it’s still pending. As in they haven’t finished the deal.

This doesn’t sound like WoD at all.

Not sure how Shadowlands is “WoD 2.0”, it’s nothing like WoD. Not even by a mile.

I’d say it’s more like BFA 2.0 as it’s just an expansion of the systems and type of quests and activities implemented with BFA however with a touch of Legion.

In otherwords, Shadowlands is very fun :stuck_out_tongue:

And 9.1 sounds like it’s gonna be even better, especially if they do implement some of WoD’s systems, then you can call it WoD 1.9 beta, not quite 2.0.

p.s. way to fail-hard by necroing your own dead post.

Y’all should read through all the post in this thread if you need entertainment. So much of what people said indeed came to pass. As in by 9.1 they will have to scramble to save the expansion.


I am sure by the time ES6 actually gets around to being made, it will be squarely under Microsoft