Shadowlands looks like WOD 2.0

This doesn’t sound like WoD at all.

Not sure how Shadowlands is “WoD 2.0”, it’s nothing like WoD. Not even by a mile.

I’d say it’s more like BFA 2.0 as it’s just an expansion of the systems and type of quests and activities implemented with BFA however with a touch of Legion.

In otherwords, Shadowlands is very fun :stuck_out_tongue:

And 9.1 sounds like it’s gonna be even better, especially if they do implement some of WoD’s systems, then you can call it WoD 1.9 beta, not quite 2.0.

p.s. way to fail-hard by necroing your own dead post.

Y’all should read through all the post in this thread if you need entertainment. So much of what people said indeed came to pass. As in by 9.1 they will have to scramble to save the expansion.


I am sure by the time ES6 actually gets around to being made, it will be squarely under Microsoft

I think your exactly right.

Typical world quest gives you an objective. Complete that and it gives you another objective. Complete that and you get another. Basically it’s a quest chain masquerading as a quest. It takes way too long to feel like the reward was worth it.

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dont necro-reply to long dead comments that the individual probably got an answer to months ago.

Just report the op for necroing this dead thread and move on.

Necroing is against the forums guidelines:

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If you look at the older posts people where actual reporting this thread and me for being a troll as well as other people. It’s hilarious as in most of things brought up actually came to pass.


nothing came to pass, SL is a good expac imo :slight_smile: everything you say that “came to pass” is very subjective.

if you expect a negative experience then you’re going to find a negative experience. me on the otherhand, i’m still logging in and playing SL every day, I love doing the callings, love exploring and roaming around the zones, grabbing achievements, enjoy the dungeons and raid, world pvp, etc.

and best part of it all is i’m doing these activities with my friends.

I didn’t I support freedom of speech.

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Hey this thread is relevant to the current state of wow as in it is not a necro. The thread was never dead. Y’all tried to get this removed months ago.

See here they are again they are all the same.

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this reply doesn’t seem to fit to the comment you replied to. not sure what you necroing your dead post that’s been dead for over 2 months has to do with you being a negative nancy or a debbie downer?

Thanks man I appreciate it. I’m not bashing wow at all. I want it to be good for me and all of us and ofc it’s a matter of opinion of what makes wow good.

Idk if this was WoD 2.0 we’d have some interesting quests lines and at least one new waifu. Despite WoD losing it’s mid tier raid and story content. I actually really liked the story and seeing more of Draenei and Orc culture and towns before the demons.

SL on the other hand feels like the beach filler arc in an anime. I swear the overall story of this expansion is just Bleach, the soul society arc. Instead of Rukia we jumped in to save the boy king. Along the way we’ve discovered the afterlife is run by a bunch of incompetent weirdos. Lol

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I can’t argue with any of your points and I agree wod was pretty fun till you ran out of quests and hit end game. I’ve dinged 60 on my paladin in slands but haven’t progressed far enough to pick a covennet yet. I’m avoiding it because I know what’s in store for me at endgame and atm it doesn’t peak my interest at all. They made endgame require to much skill and attention for me and the people I like to play with. Basically slands difficulty level forces you to pick better players to get anything meaningful done. Which has shrunk the pool of people drastically with whom you can play with and clear instances.

Its worse than WOD.


And… that is how wow has been for years?? You want good loot, then you have to put in the work through end game content. Mythic plus, raiding, pvp. Been the same way all the way back in vanilla. Some expansions have added things like titanforging for people who just want to… what? Do a world quest here and there? I suppose that might be worth 15 bucks a month. But I can see the complaints from people who have put in the effort to progress through a heroic or mythic raid and see some guy who did a five minute world quest with the same gear. And crafting has been pretty pointless since TBC honestly.

No doubt my friend I couldn’t agree more.

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I wouldn’t call SL WoD 2.0 because at this point I was actually enjoying the game in WoD and not spending a good chunk of my time in GD.

I hope they hit it out of the park with 9.1 . I would love a reason to want to log in more then my days off just to do my weekly renown anima world boss and lfr quest and the picking up the kids from the Meh quest.


Yeah SL is more like Mythic + or die

It’s just my opinion but people seem to think video games are real life now. I see the word WORK used a lot in defending lack of character progression in a video game and lack of casual content fulfillment of the great premise that skill should be the only way to enjoy a casual mmorpg. WHAT HAPPENED TO FUN?