Shadowlands Great Vault Ending Soon


The week of November 22 will be the last week that new loot options will become available in the Shadowlands Great Vault. Players will be able to collect their final reward, including any items from previously unclaimed weeks, until Monday November 28 at 3 p.m. PST. After this time, any remaining loot will be lost.

We’ll see you in Dragonflight!


Nooooooo, no god no why god! Noooooo!

Oh wait it’s coming back right? Phew.


Just a reminder to make sure the Great Vault doesn’t have an amazing (some would say photographic) memory like the M+ Cache did at the start of BfA and gave everyone loot equivalent to their highest keystone!


So what is happening with the fated raids as they are in the calender until the end of December? Will they be able to get them from the Dragonflight Vault?


No SL vault in DF, sounds about right.

Gonna scroll through and laugh at people upset by this.


Genuinely curious as to why it needs to go?
Is there a negative impact on 'current expansion ’ gearing from providing a previous expansions level item gear for completing the relevant content?

I mean - it doesn’t really effect me, but it does seem a little ‘silly’ to restrict the previous content? I mean we didn’t remove the extra rolls from MOP etc.


I’d say “good riddance” but I hear there’s just gonna be an other Great Vault in Dragonflight. Why??? Gearing in Shadowlands was horrible, especially trying to get weapons. If it’s the same in Dragonflight - among many other factors I’m seeing unfolding - I don’t think I’m going to put up with this game long enough to see season 2.


But wait… how would removing a sysytem that supplies you more chances at loot be beneficial. If your issue is not getting weapons and the vault on reset gives you even more chances at weapons why are you upset at this.


Well its a new expantion the vault will come to dragon isle and start around the time the new raid appears. Its the sl vault thats disappearing not the vault itself


Good bye Duplicate loot vault


Because the implementation also pushed them at the same time to drop loot at a much lower rate because “you’d be guaranteed at least one item every week”.

Instead of being a bonus system, it was implemented as THE system.

At the end of the day, it is a mobile game gacha loot crate.


The great vault is a literal carrot on a stick. If its that important to you, im afraid you might be a hamster. :wink:

We had a fun last few weeks. I may even Miss the old girl. She is an easy box to Pilfer . I shall Miss her . Maybe . See ya on the other side .

You guys got this thumbsup

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good call man

Now imagine if there WASN’T a Great Vault that gave you numerous free chances at weapons each week. Oh wait, you don’t have to: that happened during every single expansion prior to Legion, and was still bad in BFA.

Take it from someone who literally never got my Normal Madness of Deathwing weapon: having a Great Vault is objectively better than not having one.


i wish posts like these were sent by ingame mail


And those opposed to the vault appear to be entitled lemmings. Snark goes both ways.

Not really. Thats kinda cringe. I never said i was opposed to it. You’re assuming.

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