Shadowlands expansion free with purchase of a RX 5000 series card

Wow, never would I expect AMD would do this

They’ve always had better game bundles than nVidia IMO.

Last time I got RE2, Division 2, and DMC5 free with my Vega 64 and that was a steal.

Turns out you need at least a RX 5600 XT to be eligible to get both games

5500 XT offers godfall only

So that’s about $100 in free games, spend around $300 for a RX 5600 XT card, that isn’t terrible deal at all

Especially since a $300 card is the average Joe pick for 1080p, literally the best ideal choice for someone coming back to WoW and picking up a video card upgrade at the same time

i got Ghost Recon Breakpoint with my 5700xt, that wasn’t so great though.

Hey! Nice post! Thank you for the heads up. I’ve been looking for an excuse to upgrade my wifes 1060 6gb card. This might do it!

Coming from an AMD fanboy, I’d grab something else unless you get it for cheap. I’ve been less than impressed with AMD Drivers the past 24 months. I miss the #Neversettle

I haven’t really had any issues with them. My household is 4/5 units powered by AMD GPUs.

Vega 64
RX 570
RX 580

Eh, I’d personally just stick with Nvidia GPU’s until AMD has all the kinks worked out for their cards. Their CPU’s are the only thing worth getting at the moment.

I can confirm Shadowlands key gets sent to you by email as I bought a Sapphire Nitro+ special edition RX 5700 XT

Does Henry Cavill fly in to install it for you?

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I wish

but serious though, this card is literally the best card I ever owned yet, the Vega Frontier is now in the 2nd PC running Folding@Home now

hats off to Sapphire, no other brand can convince me otherwise

Sapphire made my Vega 64; it’s a great card.

XFX made my 5700XT. For the price, it’s okay.

If I could do it all over again, I’d have spend the extra $40 on the Pulse.

it was $15 extra for the special edition when I went to microcenter today so was like why not

but that TriXX boost in the software, my god it literally makes 4K gaming more enjoyable

Should had done this long time ago

which one


Got it last Christmas for $369. Well worth it after some tweaking. it’s loud, though.

ooof that card, yea thats a meh card because XFX messed up at that one

It’s fine. Performance wise it’s no worse than any of the expensive ones. I generally run around 1900-2000mhz. It’s just hot and loud.

Couldn’t justify the 20% price bump for noise.

yea performance wise is fine but the way they the card is made, others can be better

like for noise comparison, this nitro+ card is super quiet, i just let it run at automatic settings, cools this thing no sweat in WoW

XFX should been disappointed in that model, they can do better they had before

In a way, it’s not bad. I have tinnitus. It’s a free white noise machine.

XFX isn’t a high end manufacturer. They’re kind of the budget brand, even though they are exclusively AMD.

I have 2 XFX products and they’re both “acceptable” and only become worthwhile since they’re cheap.

Budget notwithstanding Sapphire is the best for AMD, IMO.

XFXs RX 480 and 580 cards were good, the fans were so simple to replace since they came out like ram sticks, quiet and cool efficient too, remember using their 580 card back in the day during legion

their modern cards today, they could have done better

I agree, ASUS, MSI or Gigabyte have NOTHING compared to their Nitro+ lineup

so glad I didn’t get the PowerColor Red Devil model

Still, none of their models were nearly as bad as ASUS’s flops.

The worst THICC II at least they fixed and offered replacements. ASUS just discounted their defective models.