Shadowlands Beta/PTR Compiled Feedback Thread

That brings up a question, does roaring blaze increase infernal damage, or only your own damage?

I’ve tried to catch up with the replies, and basically I’m really worried about Warlock as a whole. And if I make any mistake, please feel free to rely on the replies.

Affliction appears to be kinda good with these changes, but we need to see how it will work in the actuall state of the game. And that’s the point. These changes, ‘‘in paper’’, really made me look again to Affliction, but we can’t actually know if these changes will work well with the others class changes.

Demo continue to be a interrogative point for me. Blizzard continues to be lost at the design of the spec. Like how ‘‘Doom’’ still a thing for Demo?? Just a buff on the spell doesn’t make the spell viable in any case.

And about the Destro, and as a main Destro for a long time, these changes seems pointless.

I think the talent that makes RoF ‘‘generating’’ new Infernals, really proves that Blizzard don’t know what they are doing with the spec. And this probably will not exist at the base game when SL come out. (Maybe this already got changed, and i still don’t know.)

The ‘‘spam CB’’ thing will not be changed, and this will make Destro a dead spec in SL. We are seeing a lot of changes for many specs, and that makes me feel that destro will not have the space to ‘‘work’’. Right now, Destro only works because the ‘‘meta game’’ is so messed up, that a spec with a SINGLE spell dmg is GODLIKE in PVP.

And we all know Blizzard got lost while creating the Destro spec for BFA, and tried to make a ‘‘MOP warlock’’. Which, back in that day, was really cool. But, right now, is pointless and boring.

This is my opining about what i saw.

Oh, and I have to say that, making the Demonic Circle to be at the baseline kit again, really put a small smile on my face. AND PLEASE, BURNING RUSH IS ONE THE WORST SPELLS OF THE GAME AND NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THAT, WE NEED A CHANGE ON BR TOO.

Bump new Kala video going over Destro beta

Aff is really good and “fun” in Beta, is the general consensus.

Doom is intentionally designed as a dead, non-competitive talent, same as Grimoire of Sacrifice for the other specs. Which is bad design, yes, but good for us inasmuch it makes the “choices” easier.

Rain of Chaos is derivation of Legiondary’s Lord of Flames, and its a rework of a dead talent, so yes will likely is the final talent going live.

It’s already changed; for the most part we’re still on a 2 min cycle but our damage isn’t tied to Chaos Bolt spam during the Infernal time window. Check out the video above on this point.

We have a toggle-able speed buff with zero CD that’s off the GCD lol


Thanks for the updates!!! These things made me less worried about the state of Warlock in SL.

I must’ve seen 15 new posts from wowhead about the new pets hunters can tame.

Is this a good time for us to beg for new demons?

Blizzard, just create some families of demons that fit the skill template of our pets and let us just go and dominate them just like hunters can tame theirs.
I know it’s not as simple as that, but it can’t be impossible.

As there are only two classes in the game that rely heavily on their pets (and Unholy DKs), there is no reason for us not to be able to get more variety without resorting to one-use glyphs.


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Pre-patch is up on ptr, get in there my dudes.

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So on ptr my Summon Wrathguard is a 2 second cast while my other summons are 4.7 seconds. Prob a bug, but I won’t complain if it doesn’t get fixed.

I just hope nether portal becomes a viable pick. Ive played with it almost exclusively this expac and its a struggle.

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All they have to do is have demons spawn based on the AMOUNT of shards spent instead of each time we spend shards… such an easy fix and I can’t believe they have allowed it to go so long this way

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Are the Shadowlands talents and spells part of it? Typically they release in pre patch if im not mistaken.

Yup talents/spells are on PTR.

yeah all the glyph demons are still 2 second casts.

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That’s kinda what I figured. A boy can dream, though.

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Affliction needs a fire spell.

Mages get frostbolt and fireblast baseline. Warlocks get corruption on a 2 sec cast time baseline. Arcane can now have 3 spell schools where as affliction only had 1. This needs to change.

Some fire spells to choose to add back to affliction.

Fel flame
Searing pain

All previously baseline warlock spells.


It might be worth moving and linking a lot of these posts to the Prepatch PTR forums… we have access to the class changes in PTR.

The more reason to move these threads to the PTR thread :wink:

Speaking of talents… since they are so under powered anyway, inner demons and sacrificed souls need to be made baseline and make new talents in their place. Grim FG and nether portal need to line up with tyrant CD. And nether portal needs to summon demons based on amount of shards spent, not each time you spend a shard.


Love Inner Demons and soul siphon. I don’t know if would work but they could change our mastery for an alternate version of inner demons. So, we would spawn more imps scaling numbers with mastery and a increase proc chance to summon random demons

I think is way more fun than a passive damage increase

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Yea i was of the same mind. that way you have options if you get spell locked.

I did run quite a few heroics so far on affliction. It’s pretty fun overal! Really like drain + rupture style! Only thing that comes to mind on every pull I wish seed of corruption was instant cast and defult shard count was 5/5. This would allow for dealing damage sooner seed+taint+rupture on aoe packs. Ramp up time on aoe still feels too slow.