Shadowlands 9.0 Mighty Caravan Brutosaur AH vendors gone + no longer obtainable via a vendor

What do you make of this: EULA
" Alterations to the Platform. Blizzard may change, modify, suspend, or discontinue any aspect of the Platform or Accounts at any time, including removing items, or revising the effectiveness of items in an effort to balance a Game. Blizzard may also impose limits on certain features or restrict your access to parts or all of the Platform or Accounts without notice or liability."


Lmao ‘fraud’ really?

Maybe re-read your EULA.

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Don’t care what is in the eula because they cant break the law. That is a wish list of stuff they think they can do but not really.

Dude, seriously? So, you’re now accusing Blizzard of fraud, when removing the Brutosaur Mount from a vendor to be placed in the BMAH is nothing a long of the lines of Fraud.

Like, how old are you to come up with these childish responces?

What ever you will see that the elua has its limits FTC guide lines are clear on fraud.

The EULA is the entire purpose of everything that happens within game, accounts or anything related to Blizzard.

The FTC or (Federal Trade Commision) is about selling or buying products. Nothing to do with an ingame item sold for in-game currency.

oh so you cant buy gold with real money? Is that what your saying???

Dear Sara, why are you arguing with someone who doesn’t know the difference between an orange and an apple?

You go ahead and tell me where it says that removing something that is in a video game from a vendor to be place somewhere else is against the FTC?

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Lol, that doesn’t apply to video games. It is also a luxury item, which, to be completely honest, is one of the most needless items in the game. I see them around a lot. I have used the AH vendor once. Let’s not make up fear tactics in a video game.

O.o That is the same level of argument as the people, several months back, going on about their “First Amendment Rights” with freedom of speech on these forums and how they had the rights to say and do whatever they wanted and being moderated was breaking their rights. Didn’t work for them either.

If this really is fraud and against the law then get a lawyer and take action, prove your point. If it IS against the law then you should have no problem winning a case against Blizzard, yeah? If its so blatantly breaking the law, that sounds like easy money.

You won’t though, and no Lawyer in their right mind would represent you on this.

Anyway, if we can get back on topic again I would love to bring attention back to my question.

Where is a source showing that the AH vendor is being removed from the mount? People keep bringing this up, still have yet to see a source for that bit of discussion.


I am actually wondering about that myself. The only thing I know that has been confirmed is that the Brutosaur mount is being removed from the vendor to be added to the BMAH.

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I have alot of judges and lawyers in my family so i can just talk to them.

I have a lot of coronary disease in my family. Do I get a cookie?

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Yes what kind

There should be another gnome around here who knows what I like.

Then go talk to them. I can garentee you that they would probably say the same thing as most of us here on the forums have.

Report for trolling and move on. Good job getting everyone, seriously, but zero evidence has been presented, and he just keeps making the same blanket statements. Also, not caring about something doesn’t mean that thing isn’t rare.

Report for trolling and move on.

Well you’ll at least give them a good laugh so I say go for it.

But then they’ll be real sad and wonder where they went wrong with you.

You do that.

Yeah, I am 99.99% sure its bogus but everyone making that claim has yet to back it up or respond when called out on it. So I am sure its bogus but it does not seem out of the realm of possibility with how Blizzard has been lately, which is why I am giving it any thought or acknowledgement at all.

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Well im done with the argue meant you all have a great night/day ill just talk to my family members im sure they can tell me more then what you guys can. I mean my aunt is a judge im sure she could tell me a lot about it.