Shadowlands 9.0 Mighty Caravan Brutosaur AH vendors gone + no longer obtainable via a vendor

Is this for real? lol

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Which rights do you have here?

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Last time I checked fraud is fraud? You cant sign that away no matter what.

What is fraudulent here? I don’t think you understand what fraud is.

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Do tell me how it isnt?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but all you pay for is the right to play the game. They can change it in any way they want.


Yeah any way that dosn’t break the law yeah.

What law does it break?

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Is it Sunday where you are?

Blizzard has every right to remove a mount from the vendor and add it to the BMAH. It isn’t illegal for them to do so, and it is not fraud.


how is it not fraud Tell me please so i may understand your logic.

fraud noun

  • wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.
  • a person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities.

You obviously do not know what the meaning of fraud is. What Blizzard has chosen to do with the Brutosaur mount is not fraud, and it is not illegal.

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then why are they taking it out and puting it in the BMAH. Makes 0 sense to me. Please tell me why?

The same reason that any company
discontinuing a product isnt fraud.

Do you call it fraud when McDonald’s takes away the MC-rib lol?


Yeah it is if there no reason to should really look up lays and this isnt a Mcdonalds omg that makes no since. This is data not food.

Uuuuuh, where is the proof for the bolded section, because I have yet to see it and the only other place I have seen someone mention that bit was here–

Which said person still has not come forth with any statement saying that the AH vendor is being removed from the mount.

Yes, there is a Blue post stating that the current plan is to remove the mount from the normal vendor and move it to the BMAH, but not a single person has yet to source this statement of “The AH vendor is being removed from the mount!”

So where is the source confirming this because Kaivax’s post does not say that at all.


Tell me how it is fraud, you keep making this claim.

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I don’t know. But for it to be moved to a new location such as the BMAH is not being removed from the game.


false scarcity is fraud last time i checked. seeing there no reason to even remove it in the first place and put it in the BMAH.

Well then you should go after the diamond industry, if youre so adamant about it.

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So, how is moving the Brutosaur Mount from a vendor to the BMAH “fraud”?

I don’t even care about diamonds they are pointless to even buy i dont even care about them.