Shadow Priest Rework in 10.1

Saw this today on WoWhead. I kind of figured this was coming.

  • Shadow Priest is getting a rework in Patch 10.1. A lot of significant class changes will be seen on the PTR when it goes live.

Official notes: Dragonflight Embers of Neltharion PTR Development Notes

PTR Thread: Feedback: Priests in Embers of Neltharion

10.1 talent calculator:


Really happy about this. I hope they address the issues that we’ve been asking them to fix since beta. So so much good feedback has just gotten ignored to date.

The ret rework gives me some hope they might get it right this time at least.

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I personally have negative trust but we’ll see once it’s out.


Wouldn’t mind dropping down a bit in the DPS rankings if it means my class is more fun to play


PTR is coming up tomorrow they said so we’ll get to see the notes then.

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I’m looking forward to being able to interrupt like a real class and be able to stun in pve without losing damage. I’m dreading the likely gutting of psychic link. I’m hoping our capstones are turned into something cool and not passive.

Needs one but do not trust Blizzard anymore, no offense of course.


Does shadow need a rework though? I could see maaaaybe mind spike getting looked at because its a sort of awkward filler spell, and silence is a really sadge interrupt for how long its CD is, but other than that does it need one? The talent tree I feel is fairly balanced enough you can take Y’shaarj for single target + cthun or yogg and Yogg for AOE + N’zoth or cthun so its sort of a play how you want. Sure its not totally perfect like DA and VE being a ST or AOE choice but does that itself warrant a full rework? Seriously, aside from mind spike being a little jank, I couldn’t think of what to rework that would genuinely make the class feel better.


There wasn’t enough time on the beta to fully flesh out the Priest changes because we only got them a month before the expansion came out. So this has led to button bloat problems on Shadow and a wonky 30s aoe cd situation.


Genuine question, what buttons would you say bloat the spec? I fully understand the wonky shadow crash situation and spike added a sort of unnecessary filler and sometimes it feels hard to weave in a void torrent while all my buttons are lit up, but other than that how much bloat is there?

If they are gonna “rework” it, they need to split shadow and void into 2 specs.

All the spec needs now is some tightening up.

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uncap psychic scream and void tendrils for starters please thanks


Yeah, you guys really needed it.

It’s not like you’re number 1 DPS spec in both raiding and M+, without even counting the fact that you PI someone else to give them more DPS.

No yeah, certainly give it to Shadow Priests, it’s not like Survival Hunter needs it more.

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Yeah dude Uncap everything.

Just give them a 100% damage buff too, they’re so behind in logs right?
Shadow priest clearly needs more buffs than every spec in the game, better give em more attention too.

Screw survival hunter, ele shaman and arcane mage tho, those guys surely don’t need a rework

  • Fillers is the biggest one (spike/flay and associated procs mfi:i and surge)
  • Mindgames
  • Halo/pstar (though I personally like these for offhealing)
  • VoiT to some extent (better now that it interacts with plink but primarily it’s a press on cd button)
  • similarly, shadowcrash in single target

Uncapping abilities doesn’t really help when a light breeze causes it to break.

Lmao someone at blizzard hates guardian druids.

Our tree is pretty crap, especially at the bottom of the tree. Each of our 4 bottom talents is only used because of point efficiency. None of them actually change our play style, they just… exist.

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idk if you’re aware, likely not with how you’re acting, but psychic scream and void tendrils are utility abilities, not aoe damage spells.

lol. low effort troll.


I do hope it’s a better rework.

Like something I would like for them to see is:

A spirit’s node. Idol of Yogg Saron. I think this should actually be reworked into: “You summon double the amount of Auspicious Spirits and your spirits now deal X% splash damage to nearby targets of the primary target they damage.” With a node that makes them travel 50/100% faster.

How cool would that be? Having a machine gun spirit build for your AoE. Also, bumping that SW:P chance to spawn spirits from 5% to 20% chance per tick would also be nice, too.

Idol of N’Zoth would be cool to see reworked into: “Starting at 100% enemy HP your Damage over Time effects now tick 1% faster for every 2% HP the enemy loses. In addition, your damage over time effects splash 10% of their damage over to nearby enemies within 10 yards.”

That would give you AoE nodes to machine gun spirits or more DoT oriented / focused damage.

I think they should either scrap Idol of Ysharrj or rework it into: Mind bender same thing as it is now. Next node being: “Your Mind Bender lasts 20 seconds and cooldown reduced to 30 seconds.” With the Idol being “Your Mindbender deals damage to nearby targets. In addition, you summon a second Mindbender.” That’s the rework, or just scrap it entirely in favor of something else instead.