Shadow priest mythic plus

I don’t think it feels super bad but it could be better. Few suggesting to make the class play better (and don’t think it would break the class).

  1. Shadow crash have 3 charges with 20 sec refills. (Kinda sucks to have a CD on something that is so important for Aoe)

  2. If we keeping mind sear insanity spender we need to increase instant generation. Feel like it’s not cast enough in aoe pulls due to low insanity

  1. yeah the only complaint I have is for shadow crash. Nerf the damage or something but it needs a shorter cd. I don’t really do M+ but the dungeons I have been running to gear a new toon absolutely blow. Something causes the pack to move (like a hyperactive tank) and I wasn’t expecting it so I partial hit or miss the pack and I feel I might as well just sit this one out.

  2. I think this is where Mind Devourer comes in to allow the use of more Mind Sears. Required talent.


I agree. Dots usually last full duration between Shadow Crash with free Mind Sear procs. You can get unlucky though and have no procs which sucks. I was actually questioning whether the proc is bugged last night while working on a training dummy. I would go a long time with no procs. 20% should be high enough to reliably get free Mind Sears but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Seems I was casting over 10 MB with no procs quite often. I am going to look into this further.

honestly even if they just made shadow crash hasted and reverted the VT insanity talent to 50/100% i think we’d be in a way better spot for M+

if they wanted to take it a step further, i’d like an extra 10-20 insanity cap or to lower the actual cost of a full channel of mind sear, so we aren’t overcapping to get a full duration, being forced to waste a resource sucks


I was thinking the same thing. Should not be a big deal if we have 120 cap rather than 100.

My main gripe tho is shadow crash, if they removed the cd it would not break the class…IMO.

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Yes! :’)

Shadow Crash Improvement for M+

How can we get this to the devs? Feel like they ain’t listening.


That’s because they’re not.

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crash dmg would have to go wayyyyyy down for it to have 3 charges on 20 sec cd.

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Honestly, kind of wish Misery/dark void weren’t a choice node and Dark void acted as our dot spreader if they were too worried about shadow crash being too strong with a hasted CD

They could also make it so something resets the cd of shadow crash, or revert mind sear to how it originally worked…

Being limited in aoe is such a boring design.

wonder if they could make spending X insanity reset the CD, or some pseudo restless strikes thing where every 25 insanity spent reduces it’s cooldown by 1 second? sorta like how void bolt gets duration when spending

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A quick fix could be to make Divine Star/Halo apply VT to up to 8 targets if talented into Shadow Crash.


Can you guys help me out with a question? I am talented into Misery so that whenever I cast vampiric touch, shadow word pain will also be added to the target. Just this morning running dungeons i had several instances where shadow word pain was not added when i cast vampiric touch and sometimes it would only add shadow word pain and not vampiric touch (even though i was casting vampiric touch). This also affected shadow crash, (sometimes all the targets in the AOE would get dotted by both dots but sometimes only a couple would get both dots, and a couple other mobs would get one dot or the other dot). I also had it happen quit a few times where when I cast devouring plague that it would not be applied to the target (even though 50 of my insanity was used). I did see a “Miss” hit marker on the boss one of the times with devouring plague so I am wondering if it’s a bug and my dots aren’t being applied or if something else is going on. Usually when I cast vampiric touch, it would apply shadow word pain, no problem.

Side note- when i cast vampiric touch and shadow word pain doesn’t get applied to the target i cast vampiric touch again and it does eventually get applied to the target but the vampiric touch is not refreshed duration wise. Is this normal or is all of this bugged?