Services of the Holy Light: Cathedral and Holy Light RP

A team and I have now been running services for over a year. As such it feels an appropriate time for a fresh thread. First, my gratitude to everyone who has supported the services thus far: it is much appreciated. As you may know, I and others continue to run a regular service at the Cathedral of the Holy Light every Saturday at 19:00 Server time (7 PM). I have also continued to run my regular services at Tyr’s Hand Chapel on Sundays at 14:00 Server time (2 PM).

We now have a Discord Community you are welcome to join. It is a gated community, but to join is simple enough: simply be a Cathedral Regular In-Character. Interact with one of our service team members, and you may be invited to the server.

Community Contacts:

Aendys (Toon: Aendarius)

Darrick Zveronhoff (Toon: Reinolt)

Irwin Orrelius (Toon: Orrelius)

Niklos Adamant (Toon: Adamantt)

If you cannot find any of the above, any member of the Remnants of Lordaeron or Crimson Revelation should be able to put you in touch.

If you would like to learn more, please visit our Shivtr site: holy library . shivtr . com (Remove the gaps)

What does the community offer?

Once one is welcomed into the Cathedral RP Community, one is eligible to take part in services as a team member, become a temple guard, or pursue ordainment. Aside from that, you would be joining a welcoming community with a variety of characters where there is plenty of opportunity for RP besides being a priest.

Our community nearly always have healers on standby in the Cathedral. They are there to be engaged in Walk-Up and Healing RP, please come in for your healing needs. If you would like to become a healer, we are always looking for more people to join us.

We also have several paladins willing to be a guide to aspiring Paladins, or simply mentor people new to Holy RP and being a Paladin.

If you would like to join us as a priest, novice or veteran, please feel free to approach us. We allow people to learn on the go when it comes to helping with services and being part of the community’s priesthood. Whatever your level of experience, we would like to have you.

For those interested in other roles, we have inquisitors and confessors for those seeking RP a little different from the mainstream Light RP.

Each role has its hurdles to jump, and boxes to tick, as well as unique RP opportunities. However, our goal is to connect people who want to do Holy Light Role Play together and enjoy it. Any standards we employ are designed so everyone receives fair treatment. We also run events for members of the community outside of Services such as Beach Parties and D20 events. Please feel free to get in touch and ask any questions if you are curious.

More about Services

We are happy to help people use these events to further their character’s development. If you would be interested in a service being the setting for your wedding, funeral, knighting, or other noteworthy events please contact me or a member of the service team.

Please note that we will require a broad script: A general goal, some essential story points to touch on, and just some ground rules. However, although we are happy for people to share the spotlight, keep in mind the nature of the Service. If what you are asking would potentially compromise the Services’ intent, we will likely say no. We may also have to say no if it conflicts with other planned events. It will be a matter of first come, first served.

The goal for this Holy RP is for it to be church events: Sermons, Liturgies, and lessons on the Holy Light. We do not intend conflict to be a part of this RP, and thus if you wish to attend with a traditionally “Dark” character such as a Warlock, Demon Hunter, Shadow Priest, Undead or Ren’Dorei you are welcome, but please consider why your character would want to participate in Holy RP. We not against conflict, but we will not engage in it without good IC reasons and the OOC consent of attendees. If it proves disruptive to the intent of the events, then participants in such conflict will be ignored and reported if necessary.

As always, we hope to see anyone interested in the events.

Calendar 2020:

Recurring Services:


Sermon: 19:00 Server Time at the Cathedral of Light (Stormwind)


Sermon: 14:00 Server Time at Tyr’s Hand Chapel.

Events at Tyr’s Hand are all cross-faction with both Alliance and Horde welcome. Please be aware that you will have to have completed the questline at Tyr’s Hand for phasing purposes. Similarly, you will also need to make sure you have Elixers of Tongues at hand, as mentioned the Tyr’s Hand events are open to all. Events in Stormwind are of-course restricted to the Alliance.


Temple Guard Training Events: 20:00 Server Time at the Cathedral of Light (Stormwind)

Special Services/Events:

To be determined.


Much love coming from your friendly Neighborhood Paladin, it’s a great community to be involved everyone, I use to attend these events often back in the day.

it’s worth atleast a try if you have never been part of it.


As a warlock, these sort of events can be great! You pretend to be a mage in public, donation and a sermon visit or two go a long way towards allaying any suspicion that you could EVER be involved in something so nefarious as all those dead chickens the guards found! >.>


It is always good to have more people turning up to the services for rp! Come along and make some new contacts and friends.


Thank you all for the ringing endorsements.

Tonight is a special service dedicated to Winter’s Veil. This evening’s celebrant is Cardinal Popohnia Crystalrose, and she will be ably supported by Grand Confessor Anakritis Moreaux-Aontaiche, Father Orrelius, and Mother Rosewood. Starting promptly at 19:00 Server Time (7 PM).


We are having service this evening. Please come down for liturgy if you are so inclined.

Happy holidays!


Hello all, I will be running my usual Service at Tyr’s Hand today. It is 2 PM Server Time as usual, with both Horde and Alliance welcome as always. Please make sure you have Elixirs of Tongues at the ready. This will be the last Sunday service of the year.


Last Liturgy of the year this evening at 7pm server. Come down for some words of encouragement and reflection on the year previous, as well as hope for the one to come.


First Liturgy of the year at the Cathedral of Light tonight. Starting at 7Pm Server time. Hope to see you there.


Sundays are back! Come to service, a bit more informal than Liturgy.

CROSS FACTION, bring your elixers! 2pm server!


Service this evening at the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind. Starting promptly at 7 PM Server Time. This evening we are inducting members into the Temple Guard. Hope to see you there.


Liturgy this evening, 7pm server! We are having another Temple Guard induction. Come and listen to the word of Good in this time of great Evil!


Service this evening at the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind. Starting promptly at 7 PM Server Time. This evening we have Irwin Orrelius as Celebrant talking about the importance of forgiveness and redemption. Be there or be heathen.

Happy Lunar New Year.


Sunday Service starts at 2pm server in Tyr’s Hand. You must phase the area with the quest chain that starts at Light’s Hope Chapel. It is a less formal service that is cross faction, so remember your elixirs of tongues please.


It’s a fun event to meet up with other players. I’m sorry to have missed the last one.


Thank you, it is always a pleasure to hear feed back.


Saturday service returns tonight at 7pm server. Come on come all as cathedral fills up again for the usual evening chaos.


Service begins in about twenty minutes in the Stormwind Cathedral. Come hear a message of strength and unity in these dark times.


Ravenna approves of todays sermon.


Thank you for your kind words.

I must give my personal thanks to Irwin Orrelius’ player for all his hard work last weekend. He hosted both the Saturday and Sunday Services for me.

Our usual Saturday service this evening at 7PM Server Time. Please come to hear a message on Truth and Justice.

I have been asked by members of the Cathedral RP community to also advertise the other RP we are involved in:

The Cathedral RP community we have is a collection of priests, guards, patrons, visitors, and anyone who finds a reason to be in the cathedral to partake in the RP - whether it is asking for church services or even starting trouble for some action. We exist to RP in the Cathedral, and the general space of the city, and endeavour to RP with everyone in the shared space. We do our best to work with other City RP, and we have been and continue to be involved in several City-wide RP campaigns.

While we do have a discord for those who want to stay in touch with the latest cathedral RP news such as obituaries, letters and posts, it is not necessary as nearly all our RP is in game and focused on the day to day chaos that is the city. The discord is just a way to stay in touch with the other members of the community Out Of Character and to keep up on any In-Character happenings you may have missed.

With the above said we do have a more involved RP circle for those interested in Temple Guard or Priest RP.

  • We have Temple Guard training nights for all our official Temple Guards and Volunteers.
  • We have induction ceremonies, and awards for Temple Guards who perform exceptional duties.
  • Regular services for Temple Guard to be on duty, the chance to act as Bodyguards for In-Character VIPs and arranged attacks on the Cathedral to keep things interesting.

For priests we have a body of scripture for study to help you with your priest RP. We have people willing to mentor and teach aspiring Priest Role-Players the ways of Healing, Pastoring, and Preaching. We hold regular services for priests to take part in and lead, and there are always people coming to the cathedral for healing or guidance, and we try to keep our players connected so they know what is going on and have a chance to take part. We accept priests of all levels of experience, and in-character rank, who are interested in joining.

Now, the community does have a chain of command for the purposes of organization, but it does not take a significant role unless required. Similarly, the community does have a set of doctrine that priests, paladins, and Temple Guard are expected to respect and play by In-Character (Unless they are purposefully breaking the rules for RP purposes). The community also has a set of basic rules of decency to follow as well. However, the rules are broad and flexible, and are meant to simply keep everyone on the same page and offer guidance. Ultimately, we try to run by the rules of consent and mutual respect.

If you would like to join the Discord, please see one of the following for direction:

Aendys (Toon: Aendarius)

Darrick Zveronhoff (Toon: Reinolt)

Irwin Orrelius (Toon: Orrelius)

Niklos Adamant (Toon: Adamantt)

Otherwise, please just come to the Cathedral and Role-Play. Look forward to seeing you.

Do not forget: Service tonight at the Cathedral of Light at 7PM Server Time. Be there or be heathen.