Servers down. Cheaters being punished

Nah, but they DID put transfers and the boost on sale again lol… Blizz shakedown ENGAGED!

That is not why we’re having a maintenance.

Cherry pick however you like. The full scope of that Blue post says a lot more. The OP made a very broad statement that people are getting banded.

I stay, Bliz has a habit of not banning. The link I posted is their rational for not banning. So until there’s wide spread bans happing. I’d stick with “Define: exploit” because it’s a grey area that only Blizzard can solidify.

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It seems that you have done several runs of MgT heroic and now you’re in shambles.


Lol cmon bro… You and I both know that this was an exploit and not clever use of game mechanics.

Clever use of game mechanics would be the way classic vanilla players could solo angerforge

Knowing the lockouts for heroics are once a day and spamming it as much as you can before blizzard catches it is exploiting.

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I play retail, heroics are def not once a day there I didnt know omg.

they removed heroic lockouts on retail recently, only mythic has lockout.

I can’t wait for the “I was banned and don’t know why” threads. :rofl:

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More like a Trojan horse… make something they knew to watch and wait for the ONES they want to spam it…

Reported for spamming threads about the same topic

Why so salty?

I made this thread because servers went down.

Go chill and cry a little.

Nah, it’s definitely spam.

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seriously man, as much as you RP on the forums; you really ought to consider Grob

If only Grob was on East :expressionless:

make a character, scout out a late night guild; there are tons of them. I don’t think the latency will be a prob because there are lots of east coast players.

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This. I’m an East Coast player and the latency is just fine.

For me it goes up like 50ms, I tried and I gave up, sadly.

for world pvp no biggie.

for BG it will be whatever you see now because BG servers are not your home server.

From my experience, the go-to motto in retail wow the last 4+ expansions has been “exploit early, exploit often”.

Well blizz caught onto that nonsense and decided to be a little more aggressive.

Perfect example is the quote that Wooppee linked from community manager Lore.

Read the EULA. Wilful ignorance won’t protect ya.

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