Server still feels kind of dead…

I know there is a good attempt at remaining positive on the forums… but please allow me to rain on the parade for a little.

If you are thinking about transferring to EF, be aware that this is a LOW POP server. This morning EF was one of the four servers labeled “low” on the Blizzard official server list. Orgrimmar is dead at off-peak times, and so is the auction house. A few big guilds transferred over, and I think the population got noticeably better, but now that effect is starting to wane as transfers become less relevant.

EF definitely still feels like a transfer server… and I’m guessing there will be very low levels of organic growth as time goes on which will probably make doing any of the low-level content near impossible in the future. Blizzard said they would shut down server transfers when the servers fill up, but that warning seems super ironic now. If you enjoy logging in at off-peak times to play, I’d honestly recommend against transferring at this time.

Am I wrong? How have you been feeling/do any of you regret transferring? Do you get the sense that this will remain a lower pop server?

You still feel kind of dead.


that’s like saying herod is a med pop server cause off peak it sits at med pop. its only full about 5 hours per day now.

anyways, far from dead. but what do i know, wow has been supposedly dead for 10 years now according to forums since then.


Earthfury is definitely not dead. You have to remember that a lot of the people who took the transfer are 9-5 people, who did so in order to dodge the long queues they were getting hit with after work. I’m one of them. Also, low or medium population doesnt mean the realm is dead. There are more people on Earthfury at low to medium population, than there was on high pop/ full servers in vanilla. This server is doing great and gets better every day. Most definitely far from being dead.


BTW all, I only brought up the server being at low because, at the time, it was only one of four servers at that threshold. I don’t actually know what the labels mean, I was just trying to say that out of all the NA servers this is one of the lowest pop ones. I think we should stop making the argument that our server has enough people, and instead press Blizz to keep the transfers coming.

I really doubt this… I played on a high pop server in Vanilla and never experienced a dead capital city, not even on off-peak times. Orgrimmar only died when more than half the people were in Shattrath.

You played on a high pop server “without” layering. If I do recall correctly the vanilla servers had a cap at 2500 and then were upped to 3000. That cap is way higher on these classic servers and then add layering into that.

Did you expect to take the transfer and it be exactly like the overpopulated server you left from?

believe what you want. i can say for sure a med pop in vanilla had a lot less people in it than we have on earthfury right now.

and there’s also this, before they raised the cap twice.

and this, for fun.

if they adjust pops to anywhere near vanilla server caps for phase 2. even earthfury will have a bit of a queue. herod should be a good long wait again.


That first blue post on the realm pop was before they changed the algorithm to more closely represent live server population. So… It’s kinda meaningless in this regard. The server is much more dead than a full server was back in the day.

10 days ago, before they broke census, we had 2400 players online at a time here and there’s more activity now than there was 10 days ago. vanilla servers were capped at 2500 in the beginning.

that’s when we were just starting to inch into med, the first day if i recall.

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I think you may be underestimating both layering, and the possibility that many of us have less time to play now than we did then. I suspect if you login during peak hours once layering is removed, you will experience the kind of environment you are looking for.

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Does this server have more than one layer? People in game have told me there is only one.

People in game are often wrong though, but that’s what I’ve heard

So let me get this right… you think the server is kinda dead, aka needs more players, so you tell potential players not to come here. Sounds legit.


Obvious concern troll is obvious.

i have no idea. though majority of people are probably in dungeons and raids at this point. and a lot of people started from scratch also. especially people that showed up awhile after launch would’ve wanted to start on a newer servers.

we also have a somewhat balanced server. most pvp servers are very horde heavy.
that’s the only things i can think of anyways.

This is just a post from someone trying to keep people from transferring in. They’ve been talking about doing this in various Earthfury discords.
The server is just fine. Alliance/horde balance is much better than larger servers.


Calling this server dead is amusing. Compared to Herod, Faerlina, etc it does feel dead, but those servers are also layered into infinity and that will cause many problems come Phase 2. Least of which of those problems will be around 4000+ queues minimum every day. That’s on the hopeful end.

Here the auction house is growing. I see more and more players every time I enter Ironforge or Stormwind. I can login and play when I want without planning to avoid or deal with a queue. The population is healthy and one faction doesn’t smother the other one in each zone at all times. The population comparison is silly. We are a medium population server which has been stated to be equal to Vanilla high population servers.

If you want to troll the full server forums are more than welcome to keep you.


It is logical that people took transfers because of queues and I am one of the people who play at prime time. It is pretty dead first thing in the morning. It’s actually not too bad population-wise late, like at 1:30am.

With that being said this doesn’t really feel like a transfer server to me. As for the population, well I played at release and played on a medium pop server the whole time and there were certain areas that I saw very few people. Dustwallow Marsh (pre anyone doing Onyxia), Swamp of Sorrows, Feralas, Hinterlands and a few more were zones it was rare to see anyone. There are people all over the place in these zones on Earthfury.

My Vanilla server had a healthy pop until WoD when subscriptions really started dying out. That server had an awesome sense of community. While things are different this time around everything seems fine so far.


Just transferred over from Skeram with a couple friends. EF seems pretty lively to me, far more lively than all the doom and gloom posts make it out to be. It’s as old as Heartseeker which just hit ‘High’ pop but doesn’t have the heavy ally skew HS has. Pretty happy here with lots of wpvp and easy dungeon groups so far.

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First week or two of its existence, and I would have completely agreed with it being dead. But now, its not hard at all to get a group for just about anything. Also, the faction balance seems quite nice :+1:

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