Server Rivalries

I mean he probably is doing his job if Blizzard isn’t giving him anything to say on the subject. He’s there to facilitate communication between devs and the community, and if they haven’t given him anything to say on the subject, what is he gonna do?

I get that this is a subject that probably needs a blue response one way or another. But Community Managers don’t make those decisions, so while it does appear pretty tone deaf to ignore the plethora of discussions on the subject, it’s really up to his superiors as to whether he’s doing his job or not.


Hey Kaivax, I won’t jump down your throat about AV premades.

They’re a fact of life, nothing Blizz can do about them besides banning Discord, which is of course ridiculous.

I mean what else do people expect Blizzard to do? Remove the BG # indicator, which wasn’t in Vanilla and would instantly solve the problem? Insane. Blizz has no control over stuff like that, and even if they did, they’re a small Indie developer, the community needs to give you guys a break.

That said, what are your thoughts on Paladins terrain exploiting Warmasters by bubble kiting them to the Waterfall and jumping?

Nice straw man though. My PvP rank has nothing to do with the state of AV or really my overall WoW PvP experience as a whole.

Is AV working as it did in 1.12?

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…is it a hellhole alliance side? Horde side it’s great. Lively but not over populated, good faction balance and a good amount of RP if you have half an idea on how to find it.

My guess, you’re jealous.

What’s the problem, exactly? Does it have anything to do with how AV or battleground queues function in Classic compared to how they functioned in 1.12 vanilla?

I left willingly and have no desire to return. Took the server transfer as soon as it was offered.

I assure you, it is certainly not jealousy.

If what you say is true, then maybe things have changed since I was on the server. At launch, it was a hellhole.

When have you ever called Blizzard with an issue and spoken to this specific CM? Do you know what a first-line customer service representative is? Doesn’t seem that way.

When has Blizzard ever commented on what they’re to do before a plan is in place, or if they intend to do nothing? What company in general puts out a plan for anything before it’s ready? As a community manager, this CM is interacting with the community. May not be what you personally want, but it’s happening, job is being done. If I was them, having to deal with petulant child “adults” screaming over a video game and crying all day, I wouldn’t even interact whatsoever until the company told me I had to.

Also remember you’re in the minority of players, regardless your whining and crying compatriots on this forum. The major, major majority of players are in game and enjoying it.

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I liked your change of pace from the other guys.

Thanks man, I too, am sick of the community bullying these beleaguered mom & pop developers. They’re working practically for free, for no other reason than to bring us G A M E R S the entertainment we crave.


Doing gods work.

Passive Aggressive or Aggressive. I wonder which will provoke them to get their attention faster.

He’s an orc.


No one cares about you nit picking my words.

Send it up the line Kaivax, we want a response. Fix AV premades.

No one cares about your whiny complaints, child

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Read the forums, wrong.

All Alliance of Faerlina vs NohitJerome.

TBH, the minority share in your complaint. If you think these forums represent the majority, you are mistaken.

Forums are great for vocalizing, but not every voice resonates reason or rationale.

Spotted the brainlet who’s too dumb to farm gold for an epic mount so he gets denied entry into T1 premades.


Yawn, keep embarrassing yourself.

I do read the forums. They make me laugh while “adults” like you whine and cry about a video game. How many alts have you posted on crying like a petulant child, now that you’re on a retail toon? I can only imagine. Probably in double digits.

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I really hope you find some happiness in your life man. You are everywhere on these forums and all you bring is negativity.

Now, dont be too hard on this CM lolz he is obviously being gagged and not adressing hot topics like AV on purpose.

As for server rivalries, we actually had something going on our server, HS. That was until bgs came out, then even on the highest alliance pop server, they all vanished from the world.