Server Rivalries

I really like DD. I started on Pagle though. But looking to check out a PvP server now.

It’s not me you’re mad at.

senpai has acknowledged no one :frowning:

He acknowledged OP.

Grobbulus and Deviate Delight are friendly. Our guild on Deviate Delight has quite a few alts from the other gnome/dwarf RP guild on grob…

Yawn, people like you are the reason we never get blue posts.

Your logic: Let’s attack Blizz employees and hope they post more!! Dumbest reasoning I’ve ever seen.

One day you childish whiners will realize you’re in the minority and the rest of the hundreds of thousands of players are in game enjoying it.


There are not even rivalries between Alliance and Horde players on our own server; because we never even see each other. X-realm BGs were the very beginning if what we now now as BFA.

Is that all you got ? Really ?


Yea, I wish they would have at least held XRealms for a later phase. Or at least like a 2.5 phase.

No, that whole concept died with vanilla 15 years ago. People just do whatever they wanna do and don’t care whats going on an another server.

And I need to add this

Ignoring a subject like the problem with discord premades will NOT go away no matter how many players you ban or try to silence.

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Imagine dodging every single one of the 12443543 AV posts and never actually “communicate” with the community while holding a community manager title.

But so fast to comment on useless posts 24/7. That’s cool I guess. You always have that one person who just isn’t up-to-par at their job in any company.


Yea, most I care about other server wise is status/issues on the forums. That’s about it.

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What is there to discuss about AV? Is there something about it that’s not working as it did in 1.12?


I feel so bad about derailing this poor, kind Gnome’s post because a CM responded to it :frowning:

Let’s go back to any one of our AV threads

Guess you wouldn’t know … being rank 3 and all. Nice attempt tho.

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You know dude.

The problem with the ALLIANCE discord premades have NOTHING to do with horde players.

So WHY are you commenting on it ?

I might also add sweeping something this big under the rug causes players to trip over it.

ITT: Players rival each other in an attempt to complain the most while sounding like edgelords because they need attention. Notice them senpai.

(Aelsi is good though)


Sounds like it’s you at your company. I mean how can you do an actual job properly, you can’t even understand the basic concept that rank has nothing to do with the playability of a BG or the fact that most of the player base is complaining about nothing whatsoever, or even the fact that Blizzard rarely intervenes in player-caused issues…but yet you’re chastising a rank 3 commenting on it as seen here:

I’m sure the CM is fulfilling their job responsibilities just fine or they wouldn’t still be there after all this time.


The thing about all of this is they think their provocative posts are going to incite some sort of ‘come at me bro’ response and get a response…

The non-response is pretty funny though.

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If this is what Blue posts, I don’t want them. He’s a first line customer representative, not a mascot. He isn’t doing his job.