Server Rivalries

I really hope you find some happiness in your life man. You are everywhere on these forums and all you bring is negativity.

Now, dont be too hard on this CM lolz he is obviously being gagged and not adressing hot topics like AV on purpose.

As for server rivalries, we actually had something going on our server, HS. That was until bgs came out, then even on the highest alliance pop server, they all vanished from the world.

I like how this evolved from being derailed trashing the CM to being derailed trashing each other. This forum really is all kinds of special.


Why don’t you post about real player concerns?

This will be how it is for every single post a CM chimes in on. The worst part is they feel derailing someone else’s post warrants this and, despite the several other posts, think this somehow gets their attention.

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Says the guy who’s activity beyond this post starts with this

Blues often repeat, ad nauseum, that if they have something to report, they will.

They can’t report anything until the Devs tell them what they can report to the forums.

Edit: what great timing.

You’re really fluffing that white cape with your offensive attacks on people. I’m sure it will work out for you, little perma ofc.

You’re still wrong.

I was about to say the same thing. Whenever kaivax comments on something, the thread spirals out of control.
If people want to talk about AV or trashtalk each other, do it somewhere else please everyone.


Pack it up, folks. A blue post on AV changes. Time to move on to some other complaint.

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Word is people from Deviate Delight get there corn from Nebraska :face_vomiting:

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I’ve been on Grobb since day 1. It was obviously overpopulated then, just like every other server that was announced before servers went live. Its cooled off considerably, and while on Tuesdays before Ony head drops Org/SW are lag fests, that’s by no means the standard.

I’m taking credit for my passive aggressive approach personally.

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This post did not age well…

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Were you in Vicious Cycle?

<-- Virility

It really is beautiful isn’t it?

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omg destroyed lol

I’ll take 500 for “things that did not happen” trebeck.

Stalagg had a FANTASTIC rivalry environment. There were names and guilds that were always KOS. Then Blizzard screwed it up with free transfers, we got overrun, it became toxic, we left, now it’s a Horde PvE server.

Sweet so was I! But were you in Shadows of the Horde back then? The bestest, most elite, guild on the server! :blush: