Server Rivalries

We had lots of rivalries back in Vanilla. They were starting to brew in Classic but the release of cross realm BG’s killed all server community. At least in Vanilla with server only BG’s, the rivalries extended into battlegrounds, which made it WAY more fun than queing into randoms on cross realm.

Cross realm has killed all server immersion, servers are now pointless.

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I recall the occasional PVE/PVP trash talking between Deathwing and Kel’Thuzard way back when, because those were the only two PVP servers in the Mountain timezone … but it wasn’t anything consistent.

All y’all wish you were on Azuresong.

checks to make sure I got the right server


LOL, yeah, whenever someone asks about a good server and RP-PvP is indicated, the Deviate Delight folk come swarming in bashing Grobbulus. The Grobb Mob is more chill, and are more likely to recommend trying both and deciding which you like.

If there are, I’d expect it to be things like private server players against streamers, or the like. Somewhere that large amounts of the population have some identity they think is relevant.

There is, obviously, the anti-Heartseeker crowd - all the Horde-heavy PvP realms whose targets took the free transfers.

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I played on Frostwolf throughout original WoW, and it was my experience that we really didn’t have a rivalry with any other realms until the Ahn’Qiraj War Effort got underway.

Then suddenly we were all over websites that were tracking each realm, and people from other realms were in our realm forum taunting us, and so on.

Good times.


What is the reason you or your fellow blues have refused to make ANY post about AV ?

Yet you make a post about some useless funny BS

And yes im quit sure this post will be removed after you warn me.


I’d say let it stay to see how ridiculous you are.



“acknowledge us senpai!”

I think senpai acknowledges us. Senpai just can’t acknowledge things because you ask them to.

Here we go again lol :popcorn:

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Most of that I see is from people who transferred off Grobb and are now happy on DD.

Like me, for example. Grobb is a hellhole. I was there.

I wouldn’t call it a rivalry, so much as just friendly advice. Same way I’d advise people to stay away from New Jersey :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m guessing that stupidity is due to you being a discord AV cheating player

I really like DD. I started on Pagle though. But looking to check out a PvP server now.

It’s not me you’re mad at.

senpai has acknowledged no one :frowning:

He acknowledged OP.

Grobbulus and Deviate Delight are friendly. Our guild on Deviate Delight has quite a few alts from the other gnome/dwarf RP guild on grob…

Yawn, people like you are the reason we never get blue posts.

Your logic: Let’s attack Blizz employees and hope they post more!! Dumbest reasoning I’ve ever seen.

One day you childish whiners will realize you’re in the minority and the rest of the hundreds of thousands of players are in game enjoying it.


There are not even rivalries between Alliance and Horde players on our own server; because we never even see each other. X-realm BGs were the very beginning if what we now now as BFA.

Is that all you got ? Really ?