Server Queue Times: Not real since 2014

The radio silence from Blizzard is insulting.
More than TEN THOUSAND people are in queue every evening at any given time, likely upwards of 50,000 all together each night.

Tens of thousands of paying customers, and Blizzard can’t spare 5 minutes to address our concerns, even if it’s just to tell us to suck it up and screw off.


A TON of people have already moved to Sulfuras and the queues on the mega realms have actually gotten worse so…Sulfuras is now listed as a full realm and i wouldn’t be surprised if they started having queues soon as well


Since you are a developer you should understand at some point you can’t just keep adding more memory to a server or optimize code, you have to spread your resources across multiple servers.

Man, you guys are just terrible at coming up with analogies. People literally go to a restaurant, see the queue of people waiting for a table and say “F that” and leave all the time. And it’s not leaving to eat at a lesser place, the servers are all the same, same content, same players etc.

Does ESO have sharding like WoW retail does? I can see no other way to support millions of players in a single “server” at once.

If that is case, that’s not something I would want for Classic. Sharding in retail is terrible for the experience. Layers are already bad enough and are only a reality in mega servers where there are just too many players for the actual physical game world to support. I want the other players I see in the world to be tangible, not ghosts.

What’s your suggestion?


They have fixed the queue issue though… With retail linking and sharding.

The problem is that classic players demanded a game from 2005… So that comes with 2005 limitations.

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Bro, Skyfury is a week old and the only fresh pvp option. How are you supposed to roll on a fresh medium pop server when only one exists? Blizzard is choosing to sit on these problems like they have since classic release 3 years ago. This is unacceptable developer behavior and is even worse when you charge your players 15 dollars a month

You aint waiting 2-3 hours for lasagna bro :rofl::rofl: get real lol

They explicitly said that retail and classic servers have the same cap.

Retail “fixed” it’s queue issue by having so many people quit playing.


Absolutely untrue. You go from server to server in retail endlessly without knowing in retail.

From the blue post:

“The issue we have here is also an issue on certain modern realms such as Illidan and Tichondrius when new expansions are released. They have the same realm caps we have. This is purely a perception thing, we are using the same hardware, and backend infrastructure for both games.”

You can read the whole thread here:

Everything being cross realm in retail is a big reason that mega realms don’t need to exist. There is no fear of not being able to do content because you can play with anyone at any time.

Lol, so you took this as “people quit so no queues”

What a gigantic leap

I have no idea what you are taking about.

The whole premise is that the current few classic mega realms are the largest realms with the highest players trying to log in that has ever existed. More than any retail server has ever had.

If the same amount of people trying to log into Benediction tried instead logging into a retail realm like Illidan they would experience the same queues.

Because the server capacity and backend hardware is the same.

I love the people pointing to ESO as some ultimate gotcha. From the numbers we are given, which who knows the truth to them, the entirety of the ESO playerbase that plays through steam would fit nearly on a single WoW realm. I’m sure most WoW engineers would choose to design things in a different manor if this was a new game releasing today, but alas thats not the case and they’ve got 18 years of technical debt to work around.

WoW has also largely addressed this issue full-stop on retail where relocating to lower pop realms impacts very little, but the classic playerbase doesn’t want that and so here we are… dealing with the consequences of that.

Sharding doesn’t do anything to address capacity limits, which are what queues do. That addresses zone overpopulation and makes the game playable even when there is a load of players within a single zone. Live servers still very much do have queues, we’ve just not seen any as bad as what classic has in years (Last I remember at least for Illidan was WOD, where we had ~40k queues).

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~I posted this elsewhere but it didn’t get any traction, nonetheless I think it’s relevant to the issue OP brought up so I’ll leave it below (it’s a round-about solution, but it IS a solution - and, further, it can be implemented with existing hardware).~

Credit to user: glutchpls on reddit

Possible solution for queues: Temp realms

For all mega realms or realms with queue, spin up a completely new server named 2, (e.g Benediction2) where names and guildnames are shared and taken, and free transfers are always available between them, with the promise of a merge once queues are gone after wotlk launch.

  1. This completely removes the fear of a dead realm
  2. People would transfer immediately to the new realm to level up, especially small friend groups, solo players and new players, reducing or removing queue
  3. “Shared/taken” names and guildnames between the 2 servers completely removes merge conflicts and transfers has no issues
  4. Free transfers between server 1 & 2 at any point removes the fear of splitting up guilds or friendgroups
  5. Removes the need to lock character creations which blizzard just did on mega servers

~I’m thinking this would be reasonably easy to implement with the only downside being there would be a little less money from $25 transfers going into blizzards pockets - upside of course being less (or zero) people in queues and more playing the game they pay $15 a month~


Sure… but the queues don’t exist not because people quit… it’s because playing on the same server outside of mythic raiding is pointless.

Servers mean almost nothing in retail

Explain dead servers then.

There’s literally one “dead server”

gold text guy going to bat for his people. respect
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