*Serious Topic* PvP Gearing in BFA & Shadowlands

i will look for this guy in bgs and one shot him to show you what’s up.

While that is telling - its difficult to know whether they were a PvE hero and PvP enthusiast prior to BFA.

Please stop using semicolons this way; it is not correct. You should be using a colon here instead.

Meh I r proper graham’are ahl teh tyme

I entered this topic and called out the OP about claiming it takes a month to be PvP ready. So you’re wrong already.

Hmmm, trying to talk about impact in BGs when you just admitted that you don’t even play them. Interesting.

Correct, I have no problems gearing through PvE because it’s easy af.
While there should be an option to gear through PvP in a better way, there simply isn’t. Incessant whining about it will not change this - I promise you Blizz is not going to put vendors in the game tomorrow because “CloneGodX” made a post on the BG forum.

On that we agree - they don’t care about player discontent, especially that voiced on the forums. They are more likely to respond to Twitter. The latest Blue response was in such topics as: NPC’s you felt bad about killing? or Need some Canadian culture in WoW

Uh yea, most top rated people play both aspects.

Maybe not, but CLoneGodX plus multitude of others who want vendors back just might do the trick. Check out that straw poll, nearly 4k people voted. With 95% saying yes, and only 2% saying no.

The thing is, vendors were better in every way. Anyone who says gearing is fine now, would not even be impacted in the least if vendors were brought back. There is not one single aspect of the current system that is better than vendors. It is either about the same, or far worse.

For me, it is far, far worse of an experience. I don’t really care if anyone can get geared to 428 in 8 hours doing WQ’s and dungeons. In WoD, I could do that too, but entirely in BG’s.

This feels the worst on alts though. If you are all caught up and play one toon, I could see how this system vs a vendor might not seem all that different.

Please bring vendors back.

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Venruki, a multi gladiator and Blizzard pet with a community presence, made a thread trashing BfA gearing, which received hundreds of upvotes and nearly 2,000 replies.
Blizz didn’t care and nothing changed.
You are not getting vendors back.


Must be hard to have to read so many of these threads.

Venruki, CLoneGodX, you, nor I, work at Blizzard.

So, I think I will keep adding to posts like these and wait and see what Shadowlands brings…

Care to show some numbers for arbitrary quotes like this?

I actually went and counted in previous seasons and gave you names where 6 of 7 top end pvpers did their bare minimum 10+ mythic. Not because they enjoyed it but because they had to. Most top rated players enjoy specializing in their type of content. All the previous blizzcon winners have barely ever done pve prior to this expansion. Cdew has explicitly said that he is annoyed with pve. His one team mate is a renown pver and he’s renown for being one of the few pvpers to actually take high end pve seriously.

Top pvp always had some kind of pve trinket as bis.

There is not one good reason to keep this system over vendors.

People just like to argue it is fine as it is, because they can.

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Eh nowhere near this level as I’ve also pointed out a hundred times. Demon hunters were using intellect trinkets. Cdew was using a raid finder void stone. He never had pve gear before.

Keep spouting random facts though :+1:

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When you try to be clever and end up looking dumb.

Got any good reasons for keeping the current pvp gearing system over having vendors?

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The RNG lottery is more addicting for the masses, which quite possibly algorithmic studies have shown create increased “Engagement” which in turn coincides with “MAU” statistics.

Vendors = 0 Lottery simulation.

From a business perspective.

And yes I would prefer Vendors, of course.

Careful now. The forum regulars say that talking about rated pvp in here is not allowed. At least if you’re trying to use it in an argument.


All you anti-vendor folks, I will even start you off (from Blizzard themselves):

  1. Current system is less opaque than vendors
  2. Quest givers and unmarked chests are easier to find than vendors
  3. Everyone just bought everything from a vendor in the exact same order anyways, so this is a QoL change

Any other reasons out there?

Can anyone actually stand behind even these ones?

Wall of Text incoming. Straight from the mouth of Ion:

  1. There is a certain level of obscurity, you get this currency and new players might not know what it is for or where to use it.
  2. In practice there was generally an order which you purchased the items in.
  3. The value of a vendor is a feeling of control - that you can determine the path you are going to gear your character. The system we are pursuing will ATTEMPT to recreate and deliver all of those upsides through a system that is more transparent and offers rewards directly through the UI.
  4. Now PvP gear is actually competing with the rest of our reward systems. When we had vendors we had stats like resilience or pvp power, which made it irrelevant and clearly not the correct choice for a raider or someone trying to do other types of content.
  5. Whereas now it is all a single unified system. We think there is upsides there. It reduces the barriers of entry for PvP. You can use gear you got from other parts of the game and have fun in PvP content. One of the downsides is - we do need to take the rest of the game into account.
  6. We are trying to balance the attractiveness and desirability of between raid loot and PvP loot. Such as, how loot is attained and control. We believe the PvP systems offer the most control over getting the exact rewards that you want when you compare it to other endgame activities like M+ or raiding.

Lets go through those one at a time.

  1. The corruption system added in 8.3 is many times more “obscure” than any iteration of honor/conquest points. We now have - Coalescing Visions, Vessel of Horrific Visions and Corrupted Mementos.
  2. For melee toons generally the weapon was first. With casters though there was no order. Normally you would replace your lowest ilvl piece, or replace a piece with a junk azerite trait for a good trait.
  3. Complete failure.
  4. Should keep the systems separate in order to provide proper balance to both - instead of trying (not trying in the case of Blizz) to balance both under the same conditions. To revitalize PvP gear as a whole it should have a certain stat that increases its effectiveness in PvP content.
  5. Instead of a feeling of unity it has created more of a division between the separate playstyles of PvE and PvP.
  6. Will never happen but, if they really want to balance the scales they would need to implement a cap on how many M+ dungeons can be run a week. Otherwise it will remain the go-to method for gearing efficiently.