Need some Canadian culture in WoW

So Burkas are what you think of when you think of Canada? Jeeze… the pandering of the left has no bounds, chill with the over board political correctness. It’s ok to be proud of Canadian culture. I don’t want to look like China, I don’t think the Chinese that happily assimilate here do either. ITS OK to understand cultural differences and assimilation.

What would be even more great is if the rest of canada would realize that oil isnt leaving tomorrow, and its extremely expensive to invest in clean energy. So lets make use of our resources while we can and build pipelines all across canada so we can be completely self sufficient and keep the billions in Canada, instead of selling alberta oil go u.s.a for pennys on the dollar and spending billions on importanting Foreign oil.
That would be even better.

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Looking over what he said, and what you said he said, I have to question why you made the statement you did.


We got a race of moose people which I see you are playing.

Don’t have to worry about that if the 9 english speaking provinces join the USA. Just sayin.

As far as the oil sands go, it’s largely American companies playing in those fields anyways, but you do have a point that it shouldn’t be so hard to get even a basic pipeline system in place to get the job done IN Canada if the western Provinces want to stay with the current system. Just as a side note the oil sands are not very economically viable at current prices…but they are SOMETHING that could help the nation if used right.

It’s kind of funny that people think oil is going anywhere anytime soon…meanwhile oil demand went from 99mill bpd last year to 102mill bpd just over the course of 2019. Furthermore that people think it has mostly to do with automobiles when that is only about 30% of all oil usage, Oil is EVERYWHERE in people’s lives and they don’t even know it.

How’are’ya now?


G’day mate

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Or General Discussion.

Okay, but how do you feel about Tim Hortons?

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My order is either a large double double and a fruit explosion muffin, or a large steeped tea three sugars and a honey crueller.


Oh my a blue! Have you come into our thread to sample the various poutine styles on offer?

Everything you need to know about Kaivax, you can find right here. I have determined Kaivax is A-OK in my book.


Ever said sorry in wow? Congrats you’ve embraced canadian culture.


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Maybe A beaver mount would be a good idea for blizzard to make?

My hunter should be allowed engage in battle with his trusty beaver at his side.


Nots O’bad.


Always nice to meet a Letterkenny fan.

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now we know who’s going around the world and making everyone think Canadians have weird accents

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Well with the addition of the Highmountain Tauren and Vulperan as a playable race, the Horde could have a makeshift “Rocky and Bullwinkle” now.

Yes… to any killjoys out there, I DO know that was actually a U.S. cartoon.

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