September 2 Beta Build 35755

They only started datamining so things may be added


  • the GCD changes mentioned in the other post are implemented
  • Seed of Corruption SP buffed from 30% to 40%
  • Implosion might no longer be on the AOE reduction formula crap?
  • Ritual of Doom is channeled now :joy: :skull:
  • dozens of tooltip changes

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Ritual of Doom…

Well… at least From the Shadows is interesting now xD

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Cool. So nothing for us, really. Nice. Exactly what I wanted. Looks like we are done receiving any meaningful changes. Just tuning now.


So basically after the nerf affliction will be in the same state that BFA, unplayable for M+.

Yeah…not gonna lie I was expecting more after minimal changes last week, particularly to RoD.

I try to give the devs a break anytime I can, but are adding credit screens really a priority right now? Seems like something that could’ve waited until a .5 patch rather than during beta for an expansion launching in less then 2 months

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Looks like From the Shadows and Dreadlash will have true niche use with the conduit that gives your dreadstalkers a chance to bite again.

A bit of a relief.

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Update apparently DeCon got nerfed by somewhere between 20-30%, folks are testing now

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The current conduit drops. All subject to change. Conduits are currently showing in the loot for the dungeon journal, and its interesting to note the adventure guide has another tab called Powers that shows the legendary effects, what they can bind to (slot), and if they have a known drop location.

De Other Side-
Borne of Blood - The Manastorms
Rolling Agony - Mueh’zala

Halls of Atonement-
Tyrant’s Soul - Lord Chamberlain

Mists of Tirna Scithe-
Duplicitous Havoc - Mistcaller

Fel Comando - Doctor Ickus
Cold Embrace - Margrave Stradama

Sanguine Depths -
Ashen Remains - Executor Tarvold

Spire of Ascension-
Corrupting Leer - Venthunax

The Necrotic Wake-
Infernal Brand - Amarth, The Harvester
Carnivorous Stalkers - Surgeon Stitchflesh

Theater of Pain-
Combusting Engine - Kul’tharok
Focused Malignancy - Mordretha, the Endless Empress

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It was far to strong compared to the others, but id rather see the others get a buff.

Also i plan on going the dreadstalker path. Ill try from the shadows, if it cleaves with dreadlash and increases itself if the conduit procs, it could be substantial damage.

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I want ritual to remain useless. Trying to balance around that would be terrible. Not only that, I don’t want a demon that can break free and kill my raid to be a viable dps increase assuming it goes well… would much prefer just give us the freaking demon.


I can understand that. If ritual was purely cosmetic and had a random non-combat demon follow you around, or heck sacroficed a target that isnt you to turn you into demoform, i would still tinker with it.

But the reward of MORE power vs the risk of another enemy is classic warlock. Warlock are built around risk vs reward, Unfortunately it makes for bad balance. If they do more damage, even with risk, they are kings. If they are equivilant without risk, then theres no risk. If they are lower, then its an improper system that forces you to risk it for the biscuit. We were built around using life for mana for damage. Around uncontrollable demons. Back when there was no competition, it was fun.

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New Kala video explaining the Demo nerf and other stuff


That’d be far too reasonable

FTS at the moment only benefits YOUR damage, not your pets. So you would have buffed impact damage on HOG and implosion as those are shadowflame

It was my understanding that shadowflame is either damage type. So it would hit sbolt and demonbolt as well.

unfortunately i think shadowflame is categorized as its own type as opposed to a conglomerate of the two, i am happy to be corrected tho

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It used to be both and neither, in the sense that if your SB got interrupted you could do HoG and DB, but if you interrupt HoG and DB you can’t do SB.

I have no idea if it’s now its own formal school

After kicking it around a little bit on beta, it doesnt seem like it is helping shadowbolt. But thats our only true shadow spell, it feels really weird that they would make a damage type just to exclude a spell. It was my understanding shadowflame was considered shadow/flame.

As a side note, in beta, the vision of perfection tyrants benefit from DC and drain when they come out. Its weird but kinda cool really.

Definitely hoping the throughput damage gets buffed to compensate, otherwise we are just a dead spec for a third expansion in a row

Im really torn on what to play for Shadowlands… took a long break, returning after like 5 months so im just waiting for pre-patch to start a new toon.

I really wanted to go warlock, but Shamans and Paladins (not for pvp) and DKs are starting to look quite sexy.

DK will always be good. Shaman is going to be my second. Paladin have a crazy ability for prot bastion that looks fun. Warlock are always in demand in a raid. We always manage to break something by expansion end.