Send the Battle Chicken out to pasture

Yeah sure, a couple guilds at the end of the expansion as WOTLK was coming out. You’ll note they immediately fixed it in WOTLK by making it not stack.

You don’t see any chickens in the Sunwell Plateau world first race. You’d think if everyone was using it some guilds would avail themselves of 15 extra bloodlusts.

It’s time to face the facts.

They left the diamond flask exploit in for 2 years, they left HS queueing in for 3 years, now they want to leave the chicken exploit in for 2 years. Even though all 3 were patched immediately after they were discovered in retail.

If it’s not clear by now, the devs all play warriors, and will continue to practice mental gymnastics to make sure their warriors dont get nerfed.

So many fun adventures and shenanigans were available because of the diamond flask while preventing healing gear from rotting. It was a hero taken from us before its time. (Actually taken right when it was supposed to be, but I do miss spleunking with it)

Id take everything that happened in OG TBC and Classic with a huge grain. The playerbase was complete trash. Your average raider in a middle of the road guild right now would give those world first people a run for their money. Had they known what we know now they 100% wouldve been using it. They just didnt have the information and thats all that stopped them. Not some false sense of self righteous purity.

Im actually really happy that blizzard discussed it and decided to do nothing about it. Let the players choose. The content is doable without them if players decided not to use them. if anything this just brings melee in line a bit more and threatens those poor poor ranged apes stack meta (it really doesnt but its comical to watch). I am happy they ignored the people who are incapable of making adult choices for themselves and want sweeping changes to others enjoyment to fit their needs. Ignore them like you ignored the people who cried about worldbuffs. Both thought they did but are learning they didnt.

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I missed that. Where is it? What did they say?

TLDR: They see it, they talked, theyre just gonna watch it

They didn’t actually do nothing, though. They hotfixed the ability to keep stacks when logged out. They’re still discussing, I guess.

Yeah thats fine. Good change. But my favorite part is

“As goofy as this is, it is an authentic interaction, and one that some guilds did take advantage of in some way in the original Burning Crusade.”

All these clowns above saying it wasnt part of OG TBC then Blizzard comes in hot saying yeah people actually did do that. Im just happy that they decided to do nothing. I applaud them and hope they keep ignoring people.


Salty casters salty that they aren’t number 1 DPS and Melee is still good. Melee matches them on damage because they are willing to do degenerate stuff to play what they love and the warlocks crying because they were told by madseason they would be undisputed number 1. Keep it in, let the melee run wild its not like they are significantly better than a caster even with a 25% haste buff (which should tell you something about balance).

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The part that wasn’t tbc was the
Knowing how to proc it like we do now.


yet another melee:

my avatar is my shocked face

Oh no the top dps class is concerned!

Shocked Pikachu

You could always quit. You cry and complain yet here you are, still playing lol. Show em whats up and un-sub.

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Yea because we didn’t just see 2 years of brown stacks in classic. We won’t see any variety in classes in speedruns like we have in ssc/tk if chickens stay in. Just more of the same meta from classic.

With the right raid comp, furies are probably the highest dps class when they get armpen (especially with cd’s). You guys really think the highest dps class needs a 20 - 30% dps buff?? wtf are you smoking.


People have tested the chicken on both SOM and classic era servers. They found that they couldn’t get a guaranteed proc like in TBCC.

Something happened to the coding between classic and now. Chickens are bugged.


Yet blizzard said that people took advantage of this in TBC.


You say bug. Blizzard says as was

They probably meant that there was a few cases of people prepopping on bosses and hoping for a squawk like what happened in classic vanilla.

They never said anything about guaranteed squawks in tbc and I would be very surprised if it was that way in tbc retail.


I mean they said they saw it, they discussed it and that

That was their words as to why at this moment nothing was being done. That players were taking advantage of it. If it was some egregious out of line game breaking thing then during that discussion it would’ve been snuffed out. We can go see logs and find that its not even out of line. Ranged dps still destroy melee dps even with the chickens.

Non factor

What? I can’t tell if you are serious. Fury is already doing about the same dps as ranged without chickens. Throw in a 500 dps buff (in p2 gear, more like 700 with sunwell gear) and there is no competition. Do you realize how powerful warriors get with armpen? Even so hunters still get a 100 ish dps from chickens so you can’t say that its just melee that benefit.

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Sorry I was using overall logs (which support my claim) Vs some cherry picked stats where “oh no a warrior did good damage, change everything to keep our ranged overlords on top”

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