Sell me on pet battles

Oh… oh he’s heading down the rabbit hole… lol… (it can get addicting)… For me it is that I have to have ‘All of the things’! But I’ll never get there… :frowning:

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Pet battles are an ok side game, but what I really hate is EVERY guide on how to beat X boss pet starts with ‘use the Unborn Val’kyr’. I DON’T HAVE ONE!!! :grimacing:

3 Likes caused me to go bonkers for collecting pets, leveling them up, and getting them to rare quality. Just something about having a goal to climb up the ranks makes things fun. As a collector, I enjoy things like this. I’m no mythic raider or gladiator, but this is something I can at least work for and not let it consume my entire life.


They could take it out and I wouldn’t notice. They could make them as robust as possible as long it doesn’t give some major benefit to raiding or the other major parts of the game and I wouldn’t notice.

tl;dr I do not care about pet battles.

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Pet battle WQ’s are a good way to fast track Pathfinder 2 because they give decent rep for completion, and if you’ve never completed a Naz / Mecha pet battle, you get a bonus bit of rep for turning in the “drop” that you get upon completion.

At first I thought the Naz / Mecha pet battles were insanely hard, but upon further review, it seems that a small handful of 25 pets can beat most of the pet battles (get yourself a level 25 Unborn Valkyr and a level 25 Ikky because those two pets are used to win about 75-85% of the pet battles in the new zone).

I didn’t read the patch notes for 8.2 very close – did they release the new Pet Battle Dungeon? I’ve completed all the others, including Celestial Tournament, and wouldn’t mind another one to strategize through. They’re a good source of pets for the 1000/1000 achievement and I’m a handful away from completing that, like 983 / 1000.

Me neither! I often try to use the plagued squirrel as a replacement and it usually works out… or just go with a completely different combo.


Pity so much rep to fly is held behind polemon battles, while piddle amounts behind normal WQ’s

Almost seems like a skinnering manipulation plan to get people to do what they don’t or else suffer from not achieving what they want (flying) bad enough to do things that they despise what ever those may be.

I don’t mind, but there really should be alternatives for those who want flying enough to prefer killing mobs at even 1 rep per mob.

Make it where no groups larger than five mans can farm it that way if you are worried about mass raid farms.

Actually if it wasn’t for flying I would get rep organically.

It truly isn’t my idea of engaging and fun game play, but flying makes wow good instead of an endurance test for me.

If passing on that bliz needs to just take flying out of the equation, buy it at 60 and fly, evermore, no hoops or tricks anymore than hoops or tricks for ground mounts.

Just a way to get around and grounding truly breaks the RPG experience and time gating for nearly a year has truly disheartened me.

at least they didn’t hide it behind mythic raids, M+15’s or high rated pvp ranking.

YA’ll do know most of your players do not do any of those things?

Glad you are having fun pet batteling, but don’t ask me to see it as anything but a mini game and not something that entertains me.

I’d rather come here and point out to you how aggravating it is to me than spend time setting up a polemon stable.

I’ve done a few of em, but I mostly set my youngun’s on my lap and let them do it when it happens as a way so they can spend some time seeing what I do when I"M sitting at the puter.

soon as they are old enough the plan is to have five family members and we have out own five man group for stuff and we sit and talk without even needing discord to talk.

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That sure was a fun quest chain(s). Please tell Jeremy to make more content like that for BfA (unless it’s there already and I haven’t found it yet).

Closest thing now is the murloc vendor musical chair trade mess for a mount. Bought like 8 cloaks to get the right one!

ps. For the Valkyre, go to our Pet Battle Forum. There are nice people there who are super helpful. One Alliance person held a Valk for me in Borean (had to send a lowbie Allie there) for my first one. My mage got another just doing Argent dailies (by the flying bone dragon).

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Pet battles/dungeons are like eve online if you did not start doing it (start collecting pets) from an early days you are honestly to far behind imo

You could probably swap a Boneshard for Valk and use blistering cold instead of haunt. The Wicked soul also has haunt but not curse of doom at the same time.

Really big adventure was one of my favorite achievements to do. Leveling elekk plushies to 25 was ‘fun’ and he is super adorable

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I tried, but ultimately I don’t play this game to play Pokemon. Besides, unless you started early, its a long uphill climb to get into current content in terms of pet battles.

I was also an avid pet collector since classic

I adore them. They’re one of the main reasons I still play.



I actually never got into it because I liked Pokemon so much at the time. I’ve been trying, lately!

Yep, I know.

It’s just a side thing that really only entices the collector type.

I’m sick of pets and mounts. I’d like actual content for my character to progress through not a stable of things that I can only pull out/use one at a time (or three while battling).

I get that people like it. I get that it’s “optional”. I just think the game overall is worse off the more it bends towards the collectors and that playstyle/mentailty.

To me we’ve gotten to an extremely bad place.
BfA is a poorly reskinned Legion.
Warfronts and IE’s weren’t really a hit.
Azerite still is a bit off and now we’ve got essences and benthic stuff.
It’s just a hodge podge of strange abilities/bonuses and RNG.
Now we’ve got these two new zones and guess what?
All the pet battlers have flying already.


I’ve tried them but either I have the wrong pets or I don’t have the pets needed to counter… I gave up even trying. It’s also tiresome if you lose and oh now you gotta either carry bangages, run to a stable to heal them or wait 10 minutes to try again. Thanks but I’ll just skip whatever rep reward they provide.

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Perhaps, but it’s not just any 20 pets, it’s a short list of particular pets. Not necessarily super expensive rare and exclusive pets, but it’s not just grabbing some of the local bunnies and squirrels from Elwynn and you’re on your way to glory. As a game of discovery, it’s lousy. You can’t readily Forrest Gump your way through it as you can with most everything else. Unless you really enjoy the frustration of watching your pets die repeatedly. Somebody is figuring this all out, no doubt that journey is suitable to some, but it’s certainly not to me.

The game is much deeper and more nuanced than, say, your rotation and beating up on random mobs. So, it requires a lot of study, a lot of gathering, and a boat load of leveling. It’s all guides, guides, and more guides.

Just leveling your pets is a long process, much less 20 of them.

I tried some pet battles myself. I organically leveled up 6 pets to around 11. I did this with a lower level toon in order benefit from the XP. I think the WQs in BfA are actually “level agnostic”. I recall being able to do one with some of my squad. At least I think I was successful, I know I tried, I don’t know how many times I failed doing it. And this was with a list of pets suggested by others (I think it’s the Anubis pet, a mechanical death wheel thing, and maybe some kind of bird).

Also, you can’t easily buy your menagerie. I had someone kind enough to send me a L25 pet - and I was unable to add it to my collection, as I have no L25 pets.

What I have done, though, is I learned you can level a pet to 25 with the pet charm currency, so I’ve been collecting those from the mission tables. Unfortunately I think this is a necessity to “get in to the game”. I have not done it yet myself, I haven’t leveled up my 6 pets. And then, you play the game of using the the high level pets to carry low level pets against high level battles and get lots of XP (so I’m told).

So, to me, the barrier to entry does feel quite high. The coins will help, but I haven’t really started the journey beyond get one or two leveled up – I haven’t even fought with them yet. I haven’t tried the carry technique yet.

Apparently the pet battles are important today to get the Rep from the new zones toward Pathfinder (“important” may be overstating it here, but they’re certainly a component for those trying to max out their rep and get flying as fast as possible).

In summary, while it has casual game play, I do not feel it’s a casual game. It’s definitely a deeper sub game within WoW than one may think. Perhaps I’m wrong, and it’s just my inexperience with it talking. But it feels to me that it does take some time investment and research to be successful with it.

My problem with pet battles is that there is a “best” pet. Seems odd that we would collect all these pets and then only a handful would be strong.,

Everyone pretty much tells me to get the same 2-3 pets to do the world quests in the new zones.

It just seems weird to me

There are all sorts of strategy guides out there for a variety of pets.

And being able to just head out after certain pets is a good thing from my viewpoint.

This website does an excellent job of giving alternative strategies. I really don’t think it is all that hard to get into at all.

Takes a few hours to pick up enough pets to do most of the world quests providing you have a level 3 garrison (for a lvl 25 stone) or have one pet at lvl 25 already.

As for leveling pets there is a pet battle WQ on broken shore - Nameless Mystic which is great for leveling pets. It is actually up now. If you can a few alts that have access to those WQ, you can get a pet from lvl 1 to lvl 25 in a few battles using two pets you can normally buy at lvl 25 from the ah - Mechanical Panderan Dragonling and Darkmoon Zepplin and your lvl 1 pet who doesn’t even need to enter the battle.

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