Selectively Active (Not lazy, I swear!) H Destro Lock LFG

As the title states, I’m a small destruction warlock main looking for a guild. It’s been a few years since I’ve been in one.
Due to my career, and single-parent status, my schedule is all over the place, and I’ve been struggling to find a soft spot to land.
I prefer M+ content, memes, and naps.

I do also have a few alts, my favorite stepchild being my ret paladingus.

Feel free to respond here, or contact me via Discord. My name there is meghausen

Thanks for reading, and happy gaming. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Hi we are AoTC guild who does M+ and alt runs. Feel free to msg me in game or here.

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I have seen your guild name in game before, well…under characters names. I’m not a mega pumper, pretty casual, but I get the job done.

Check us out here:

Two Girls One Squid is recruiting! We are a casual raiding guild looking for friends to play content with. We dabble in raiding and like to run keys and are very social in discord. We have many members and have normal and heroic raid nights. We have a sense of humor and maintain respect among our members. Please pst insynirate or message us in game. We are also in the guild finder. Looking foward to meeting you!

What the heck guild name is this? I am surprised it hasn’t been forcefully renamed :joy:

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