Seasonal Resets Coming with Shadowlands

ok thanks. Although why they couldn’t be clearer themselves without someone have to get an interpretation from wowhead is beyond me.


Please clarify if you are referring to Marks of Honor - used to purchase appearances.

why would you ever think this would be reasonable to do?

They are in no way referring to that and repeatedly demanding clarification doesn’t make it any less absurd. It’s beyond obvious they are talking about honor used to purchase items…

Because reasons.

Edit: What the guy below me said

Because the honor gear for PvP is straight garbage and is barely on par with gear from heroic dungeons lmfao. It doesn’t even reach mythic quality gear when fully upgraded.

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what in the hell does that have to do with them resetting the currency but people trying to assume they are removing marks of honor?

I’m not talking about Marks of Honor, I’m talking about the currency. The currency is what’s used to buy PvP Honor gear and upgrade that gear.

You know how long it even takes to get a full set of PvP Honor gear and to upgrade that to be on par with PvE gear?

The time it takes to get that same gear in PvE takes weeks for PvP lol

They likely don’t want people from finding out (even after ample notices) that azerite and essences are still active in the game just not in SL content. And thus they don’t want to have an existing gapping easy access for those pieces if people find synergies in later SL patches but not like it matters because those pieces will only affect legacy and outdoor world.

However there does exist a possibility of azerite still working in BGs/arena. So there is that. But you would likely take a really big hit for stats just putting a piece on once people are heroic+ geared out.

But to be honest it does seem like a spiteful change.

And that’s why you don’t go for bg gear you do arena (easier to get conquest) to up the quality of loot from your chest.

Cool, that has nothing to do with what I said and you replied to.

BG’s are supposed to be the entry level way to get PvP gear.

Similar to how dungeons are the entry level way to get PvE gear.

Here’s the thing. A lot of people have marks of honor and a lot of people have the account wide honor. However, a lot of those people didn’t have a clue they have another currency called honor used to purchase PvP gear I guess. This is thread is the first time I have heard they put another item called ‘honor’ in the game recently.

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No, that’s why you spam Mythic+ and don’t do PvP at all. Why spend weeks getting a full set of PvP gear when I can get a full set of PvE gear in a few days.

It does. You asked Ricros why he thinks it’s reasonable to buy and upgrade his PvP gear right away when he hits level 60.

The reason being is because the gear you get from PvP is garbage and the time it takes to obtain honor currency is way longer than the time it would take to get a set of PvE gear, and the PvP gear is barely on par with LFR gear.

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And RBGs are supposed to be a thing but they aren’t cause nobody wants to do them. Well you can see how that places the non-ranked version.

That’s not true, people still do them. Participation has indeed gone down over the years due to them gutting the reward structure in PvP.

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No I did not ask them that at all.

Uh, you did lmfao

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And that’s because the arena players have complained so much that they only want the rewards and pvp balance to be designed around 3s. That clamoring has come at the expense of all other aspects. And that is wrong. But if that is the way things are “supposed” to be then we know how long it takes blizzard to listen.

Trust me I wanted to do ranking last season in RBGs but the pop was so low and was shuttled into 2s. And well we all know how well non-leather melee faired in that situation.

My point being is that there are two approaches that can be done. Either next to everyone could not do BGs to gear and that would opt blizzard to buff the gear. Or in a cynical variant, that could end up making blizzard justify that they were right about not caring to invest into BGs because no one wanted to do them even after the reimplementation of gear.

Because even after the videos and outcry they won’t budge. And I really do believe that is because they have too much of a focus on arena as their only area to care about for pvp. Even though that caring is indeed less than pve.

Um, that’s incorrect. They removed the vendor/currency system we had in TBC-WoD because “people couldn’t find them” lmao.

Or better yet how about this:

Random BG’s and skirmishes give honor points which is used to purchase entry level gear.

Rated Arenas and BG’s give conquest points which is used to purchase the end level gear.

If it was never broken, then don’t try to fix it.

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