Season of Wrath

Anyone else here love what the SoD team is doing, but remember BC and Wrath more fondly than Vanilla?

Some of the most common requests for SoD are things like dual spec, updated UI (like battleground score), both faction paladin / shaman, more classes, arena, etc

So humor me here: what if with the success of SoD, they got a team working on a similar revisiting of wrath / bc, fresh from level 1, with similar phase level caps, new wrath themed dungeon / raid content (razorfen downs 10 man, redone naxx at 60), some new system gimmicks similar to runes (wrath themed class abilities) etc.

Let death knights be created and leveled from 1 like other classes (let them do their class chain at a later level for xp and other rewards). Fulfill class fantasies that never existed in retail (nightmare druid, warlock necromancer, frost lich mage, san’layn priest, etc).

I love both Wrath and BC, but feel neither really got a fair shake. Firstly due to allowing paid level boosts, completely ruining the integrity of the game… only to further make a joke of it by adding the WoW Token. I feel like for many these are their favorite expansions, but they either dropped early and didn’t play at all due this.

SoD is great, but it will eventually come to an end. Maybe some people want their SoD characters to transition into another expansion, but I think that formula is played out and boring. I’d like a new season to kick off that feels entirely fresh and different, and has an entirely different end game to look forward to.


A Seasonal server set in TBC or Wrath would require an entirely separate install. Using Vanilla lets them just repatch the client a bit. But they all use the same install. It’s a simple matter of switching servers.

Not saying it can’t be done, but there’s reasons why it’s more complicated than continuing to do them in Vanilla.

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All seasonal characers will be moved onto Classic Era servers once the season is over so you asking for a WotLK version of SoD is pretty much you asking for WotLK Era servers, unless you’re fine with the wrath characters getting wiped.

That is a clear no.
Also a common request in sod is lfr, better gear balance, better class balance and stuff to do outside of the bg and raiding. Does that mean they want cata season too?


If it’s good.

Traditional MMO formula is dead, people want something fresh every year or two on top of a tried and true base game.

If they want fresh content every year or so why are people like mktaar asking for Wrath Era until they die. Killing Lk at 30% over and over and over and over

SoD was a disaster imo. overrun with bots. poor gameplay. no QoL. I am not sure SoD generated new subs. It just pulled people out of WOTLK classic to keep them busy. Strong correlation between SoD population and lost population of WOTLK players. This means it didn’t generate much new revenue…so the upstairs folks are like why are we doing this…

So you have to ask yourself…why would they go through all this effort for something that is not entirely this great success?

I only know like 2 people that still play SoD and they haven’t logged in for like 3 weeks so probably done.


It’s 95% the same 3 people on alts asking for it too.

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Common wisdom before Classic was that RDF and LFR were disasters to the game, in particular the community. Now more people want them while simultaneously complaining about how the community has gone downhill.

They should make it so you either have a classic or retail subscription. It might act as a filter on one side or the other.

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People in SoD want more retail without it being retail.


Agree to everyone here

Well, the thing is Classic proved that RDF wasn’t the cause of the death of the community. That happened just fine without RDF in Classic.


I think there is potential for seasonal themes involving content from both TBC and WOTLK.

And personally I’d be interested

That said, I have little faith that Blizzard will devote resources to anything here as long as people are happy reliving vanilla

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Okay so its just a correlation then? The community went down the drain in Phase 3 but it had nothing to do with the spiraling? What happened to all those posts of people and their 5 friends and family that will play WOTLKC if it had RDF? I should perhaps see the follow up cope posts of “Well it was implemented too late, that’s why none of us will play WOTLKC”.

It was such a joke all the presuppositions people made on here about others who experienced the game just fine without it, and how positively it would affect them and people they know to have it. It’s okay Zaalg, you and the others will have another opportunity to relive the glory days in the future LFR fights later this year. LFR will fix Cata, it will SAVE Cata, you have 10 brothers and sisters who will play Cata once its implemented. People who don’t want LFR are trolls and gatekeepers. The raiding community is basically dead so we need LFR.

I look forward to all the arguments.

U mad bro?

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And? Retail was looked upon favorably until they turned it into a cash grab with mobile game gacha bs.

I don’t think it was the quality of life / abilities / etc that made retail trash.

It was things like adding 100 different microtransactions, boosts, WoW token, etc where you felt you needed to spend money to be good at the game.

WoD is a good example; The Garrison was basically Farmville where you had daily chores to do, and it was rewarding for players to have more alts to do those chores on, so it incentivized buying boosts and spending hours upon hours just doing mundane bs on each character.

edit: just looked it up, WoW token AND character boosts were introduced during WoD. I think cata was the last ‘classicish’ expansion, and MoP was the transitionary expansion into what people conceive as “retail.” So idk, i don’t think most of the systems / mechanics that were added in vanilla - cata were bad for the game; people say LFR and dungeon finder, but i don’t think that made me less engaged or play the game less. Maybe they could redesign it like they did in Wrath classic, but i think most quality of life stuff that was added in this time frame were generally good things.

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I quit when they announced no rdf and came back when it was added. I can’t speak for anyone else who might have quit over it. But it was implemented too late which is why I’m only back to level up characters for Cata.

I doubt that there’s many who will fight for lfr. Most players don’t want it as much as they did rdf. I also doubt that blizzard will decide not to add it. Most of us will sit out that battle if it comes.

R u? I find the whole thing quite funny in a “those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it” kind of way.

Oh there will be, stay tuned. Everything I saw pre-Classic, even WOTLK, had people who wanted RDF in the minority. It’s going to be interesting.

Whether that’s true or not how has that stopped the forums?

I’m not so sure about that. In vanilla and BC there were many complaints about the difficulty finding groups and asking for a solution.

But most people won’t fight for something they already have. For example most posts on flying complained about it, especially about it’s effect on wpvp. It wasn’t until it was removed that the forums were flooded with angry players asking/demanding it be put back in.

The point of Classic isn’t to forget the past. It’s literally the opposite.

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