Season of Swiping

GDKP is back anyways so it’s all good.

The new GDKP is getting grime boxes from the raid and you sell them for 18-20g a pop to swipers via the AH. A bit more RNG but we’ll take it.


Blue post said it was because GDKPS and RMT are so heavily intertwined. Conspiracy theories are a waste of time. You’ve been told what everyone already knew.

Not really comparable. Gold sinks cause deflation by removing gold completely from the game, in GDKPs gold just changes hands.

People appeal to “common sense” when they have no evidence for their baseless claims.

You are an unserious person.

The reason given in the initial announcement was that GDKP erodes traditional guild and social structures that they want to be a big part of SOD.

RMT wasn’t mentioned at all.

Read it again. Like, really read it.

Read my comment again. I was referencing the initial announcement, which didn’t mention RMT. This is the entire section on the GDKP ban in that article.

“We are experimenting with a new policy which will no longer allow GDKP runs in Season of Discovery. While we understand that there are some benefits for those who find this a convenient way to gain gear, we also recognize that there are concerns surrounding the erosion of traditional guild and social structures that are a part of the spirit of Season of Discovery. Given the experimental nature of Season of Discovery, we want to try things without this type of transaction taking place in this game mode. With the launch on February 8, we will be restricting this activity. We will have more information to share on our official channels and will be monitoring feedback closely.”

Do you GDKP guys ever get tired of trying, and failing miserably to split hairs?


Since I’m not a GDKP guy, I can’t really answer that question.

I’m in favor of banning GDKP. The reason I think it’s important to focus on the primary and original reason given for the ban (i.e. that it erodes guild and social structures) is because that is much more clear and obvious than what affect the ban will have on RMT.

The GDKPers have embraced the narrative that this is all about RMT because they can come up with a bunch of arguments why they think it will have the opposite effect on that issue.

I think we need to keep pointing them back to the more simple and undeniable justification that SOD is partially intended to be about returning to the kind of guild and community structures that dominated the game back in Vanilla and transactional relationships like GDKP undermine that.

If they want to play a version of the game where they don’t need a guild or group of friends to play with, they have multiple options for that experience. SOD doesn’t have to also cater to them.

Swipers still mad.


Mad swipers.

there was no removal of one of the biggest sources of gold generation for law abiding players, only removal of a system perpetuated by rmt that ignorant players, who turned a blind eye to rmt and bots, feigned that they were “innocent”

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Do you think when I sell Gnomer crafting mats that you need 2 dozen of for 18g a pop, totaling around 400g of mats to craft 1 item, that that gold isn’t RMT’d?

Anything that costs gold promotes RMT. And this is a much larger gold sink than buying gear in BFD.

Cooked take.

It could say a lot of things, but openly admitting to a ToS change because you’re laying off heaps of Customer Support employees and don’t want to deal with mass report appeals is certainly not something a publicly traded company would want to admit

It’s entirely different because no one is mass reporting you for putting salvage/gniodine on the AH

Makes sense. If someone has only been getting gold this one way and does not have the connections to trade or just never learned the slower ways to farm gold I can see this.

My brain goes for the addiction comparison but I think that’s probably extreme.

Would mean a lot more people are going to catch bans for RMT and that trading across versions with unvetted people is probably riskier for people just now trying it. Either way they will probably pop a few buyers and sellers.

people really arguing that its not possible to make gold grinding in sm just so they have a reason to buy gold :skull:

Why not just play the game for fun?

Talk about cooked take.

This is like saying that if someone commits a crime, everyone in that state is a suspect.

It’s be a dumb argument to say that RMT doesn’t occur via the AH. It would also be a dumb argument to even attempt moral equivalence between the AH and GDKP in terms of RMT.

It’d also be a dumb argument to say that RMT is what made GDKP so popular. ie- the vast, overwhelming majority of people engaging in either gleefully accept illicit gold for gear, or people are using illicit gold to buy the gear.

It’s not though. I know with a high degree of certainty that swipers bought the BoE I sold for 300g. And swipers bought the crafting mats I sold for 18g a pop.

If you have trouble discerning the difference between expensive crafting mats at the beginning of a phase going for 18g and level 25 BoP items being sold for hundreds of gold, well.

Okay then.

RMT is surely facilitated within the AH. I won’t make an argument otherwise, nor will any person arguing in good faith (not that it really matters because GDKP enjoyers are largely cheaters and aren’t worth arguing with in good faith to begin with)-but the idea that one is even remotely in the same category of severity in terms of illicit gold exchange as the other is absurd.