Season of Mastery - Hakkar Bonus Loot

When Zul’Gurub opens on March 3 at 3:00 p.m. PST, a new challenge awaits you. Hakkar the Soulflayer will now offer bonus loot.

First, players will now always receive a Primal Hakkari Idol when Hakkar is defeated. In addition to the Idol, extra pieces of gear will drop when Hakkar is defeated, and Priests or Priestesses are still alive:

  • When you leave a specific Priest or Priestess alive and defeat Hakkar, then there is a guaranteed chance that a piece of rare or epic loot from that boss will drop from Hakkar.
    • Example: If you kill Hakkar and High Priestess Arlokk is still alive, you’ll get a guaranteed piece of Arlokk’s loot from from Hakkar, such as Will of Arlokk or Panther Hide Sack.
    • Example: If you kill Hakkar and both Venoxis and Thekal are still alive, you’ll get two additional pieces of loot, one from each boss, such as Fang of Venoxis and even the Swift Zulian Tiger.

This gives you an additional chance at a specific Priest or Priestess’s loot during your raid lockout. All you’ll need to do is kill Hakkar before killing that specific Priest or Priestess.

Invaders encroach upon holy ground! The Altar of Blood must be protected!


SoM devs with yet another great change. Want to challenge yourself? Go for it and well reward you for it. Not your thing? Well no worries you can still take it easy with the boys and get some easy upgrades. The idol change is pretty self explanatory given the shorter timeframe of SoM. Also this will change how people farm the tiger and raptor mounts, its worth your time to do a full clear now. Always a fan of changes that give meaningful choices to the player. Some might say but then the good guilds will get too much loot, well that’s the thing ZG loot is designed to be good but not BiS with the exception of a few items and hakkar loot. Great stuff.


Nice change, would of been amazing however if you just up and said if anyone manages to complete 5 priest Hakkar the mount becomes a guaranteed drop. People would be trying harder in ZG than naxx content to get that done knowing it was a guarantee.


Never enough for players, as always.


lol ikr right. Literally giving a badass incentive to do hardcore Hakkar.
“BuT tHe DrOp NeEdS tO bE gUaRaNtEeD!”

You literally get 2 chances for specific boss loot on every boss if you do this hardcore challenge. Why cant this be enough?


Trust me you don’t always want the biggest dopamine hit every time you play. Its about seeing and feeling progress, that’s more rewarding than some epic drop that wont be so epic because eventually everyone will have it.


kekbot wants more loot, give loot kekbot.


Some should not succumb to the green-eyed monster and just play their game their way.

This is a good change for SoM and whether hardcore or more casual you get more chances at phat lewts.


Pretty nifty change guys, nice work.

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That’s nice for the whole 10 ppl still playing SOM.


lol the main servers are deff not dead my friend. 2-3 of em have high pops constantly and the main server (Jom) has people playing 24 hours.

yup 10 people… XD


Sippin on that haterade, the open world is more active than TBC how sad is that ? Also there’s no shortage of guilds clearing and recruiting. I guess some people just parrot youtubers though.


Are you sure you’re not just sad that you’re missing out? Why would you come into a room full of people saying that they’re having fun and go “no you’re not having fun, you’re wasting your time”. I don’t need 50 layers and spam so fast my eyeballs start twitching, I like the community I’m in and can always fill raids, dungeon groups, bgs. Do you gauge how much fun you’re having off player count ?


How about you ask the players how they feel about the game, you’d be surprised what your favorite youtuber isn’t telling you.


This is the problem with a lot of people that say the game is dying. I am personally not interested in SoM but it will never have the hype that Classic Era did. But that’s completely fine. IMO a realm with around 10k players total keeps the community without an enormous amount of layering. Keeps World PvP alive as well.

Private server size realms are optimal. Mega servers negatively impact server health and longevity.

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the 5 horde guilds still playing will enjoy this im sure

where do you see 10k? you do know you do know you can’t play on EU people right?

like what? boost to 58 then quit tbc?

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What about if there isn’t enough players for a zg on your server because you intentionally killed it ?

Any update on that front

Nice name easy report