Season of Mastery Content Unlock at 3:00 p.m. PDT on Thursday, July 28

We’ve seen some questions on this. Please know that in Season of Mastery, the Naxxramas raid and the Scourge Invasion will begin:

  • 3:00 p.m. PDT on Thursday, July 28

Full details are here.


Any chance of Classic Era getting a Scourge Invasion? Many would love the chance to collect the undead slaying/cleansing sets for toons that weren’t yet created/high enough level during the initial event. Plenty more would relish the opportunity to collect the powerful weapon imbues!!


Please go look at like the server turtle wow and try and implement that type of stuff in season 2. new stuff and QOL.


blizz has messed up but not that badly


so they should just keep rereleasing the same exact game for the next 20 years in a row with 0 (NEW)changes at all? LOL.

I’m sure the now LOW POPULATION(like every other server) jom gabbar is on your side.

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the average classic andy.

They just ran a season with plenty of changes. Turns out it’s not about changes, it’s about timing.


I’m talking about new CONTENT. which is why I mentioned that.

A tiny bit buff to EXP and harder bosses. Completely different game lol.

Not in the post i quoted, obviously.

Yeah, same game. Thats the whole point lol.

yeah and the reason why this failed is it is the same exact game… that people do not want to do 100 times. lmfao.
You do know this isn’t classic wow anymore? That is gone. Those are called classic era servers that have 50 people on them.

You know that OSRS is more popular than normal runescape? old runescape but they added new content and it became popular. Classic (purist) andy’s are what are keeping us from that.

There is probably more players on that private server than jom gabbar now. LMFAO.

I just checked now. Peak in turtle wow is 1700. JG has 1500. LOL.

Then don’t play it.

Think by definition it’s still very much classic wow. Since thats blizzard terminology. They probably decide that.

Plenty of people are fine with new content. Plenty of people want the same game. Your problem is that it has to be your way, just like the classic andys you despise.


my way”? Uhhhhhh clearly the majority of what people thinks way since everyone left?

The next game came out in a series. Where have you been?

Everyone left because blizzard made changes to the game, those changes turned out to be terrible. The game is better with no changes. The only good change I think blizz has ever implemented was the chronoboon and they did it at the very end of classic. I would also say mage boosting but the fact they are selling a level boost themselves I don’t count that.


Please also restart the invasion on era realms as well


Playing Classic version but complaining about “Classic Andy”.


I think we deserve to see a phase 7, I really like the way Classic Vanilla plays more than retail or Tbc and would love to see them expand on that patch. Faster leveling and more boss mechanics is a start, but I think Blizzard can do better. Maybe minor class balancing and new dungeons/raids?

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I think your outlook on the people who play Classic Era is off. We aren’t a #NoChanges safety bunker. Plenty of us are open to the idea of changes being made to Azeroth, provided they arent a ‘Shadows of Luclinesque’ journey to another Moon! Novel content that builds onto the vanilla world would likely be recieved positively.


here is the exact guy i’m talking about lmfao.