Season of Mastery 2 Fix

If they do release a new Season of Mastery please Blizzard do not have pvp honor in the game for at least 2-months and not as much of an increased rate. You buffed the raids and made them irrelevant with pvp gearing being a cake walk. Rank 14s were walking around while people were still leveling. Everyone saw this and thought whats the point of raiding if i cank get rank 14 in 1-month. Killed the game instantly. Just change some boss fight mechanics, add a new raid some oprions are Scarlet Monastary, Karazhan basement, that area in middle of Duskwood. You have options and just make the loot table on par with any of the others but less than Naxx. Even changing to BC’s talent tree would bring people back. Make Vanilla more accessible to new players so they buy a sub down the road.


That’s not how the ranking system works…

No one can get rank 14 for the first five weeks. Then, if brackets are perfectly efficient and no one ever de-ranks or takes up a slot in the higher brackets that they don’t need, 0.3% of players per week can reach rank 14.

After 25 weeks, 6% of the server’s population can have rank 14 weapons. This is nearly 6 months btw.

If you’re still leveling when people have rank 14 gear, then you don’t play the game enough to ever even have a hope of getting rank 14. Or rank 13. Or rank 12. Or rank 11…

PvP ranking being in from day one actually does make the game more accessible because you can make progress towards the blue set while leveling. By the time you reach 60, the super hardcore players have already hit their goal and stopped ranking, which reduces competition for you and makes it easier for you to reach the higher ranks.


Just keep the original honor system IMO. Give the hardcore players a carrot to chase and it doesn’t affect the majority of the players base because it’s so hard to get R13/14.


They buffed ranking for som because of the shorter timeframe. If you were there you know what im talking about. They had to roll back the seever and also gave people 2 weeks of honor lol


They definitely didn’t “buff” ranking.

The time it takes to rank was cut in half. But SoM also lasted half as long as classic.

If those were the only changes, then SoM would have no net change in the number of people who could reach rank 14.

In reality: SoM also removed the ability to boost the PvP pool with deleted characters. This made ranking significantly harder in SoM than 2019 Classic because you could no longer pay someone to farm an infinite amount of extra bracket slots on your server.

Doesn’t change the fact that you could have r14 gear week 6.

Sure, you could argue that not everyone can get r14.

R12 is many classes bis for p1. Even r10 is.

So why do anything else but rank? Especially as a warrior

Delaying honor till later will have an enormous effect on server longevity.


Rank 10 gear is worse than the upgraded dungeon set.

The best realistic gear set for most classes - including warrior - is 4-6 pieces of your upgraded dungeon set, plus 2-4 pieces of rank 10 gear. Which requires you to run many dungeons and also PvP.

Delaying PvP will lead to people getting bored and quitting before PvP is even in the game. This happened in 2019 classic, but covid lockdowns came at a very fortunate time and brought back many players. It’s not a coincidence that classic servers peaked in March 2020, which happens to line up with covid lockdowns in the U.S.

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you were ok but then you mention nonsense like TBC talents, ugh :expressionless:

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uhh SOM 2 will fail hard as f if they don’t allow all pvp to be obtained 100x easier like pve gear is

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How will people get bored? Honor was out at the start and everyone quit before p1 even ended.

Your analysis can’t be backed.

No one quit in classic before honor was released. In fact people ended up quitting during the release.

Where is your analysis coming from and what analytics are you using to determine the conclusion

The data ( shows that SoM’s raiding playerbase peaked shortly after BWL opened. BWL opened and SoM peaked in Feb 2022.

2019 Classic also peaked shortly after BWL opened. BWL opened Feb 2020, peaked March 2020.

However, classic’s peak (March 2020) also coincided with covid-19 lockdowns. SoM didn’t coincide with a once-in-a-lifetime epidemic that forced people to stay indoors.

Common sense says covid was the bigger factor here. Many quit before BWL in classic. They came back during covid.

SoM held onto its raiders just as long (relatively speaking) and SoM didn’t have covid boosting the numbers.


That may very well be possible, but the same drop off accurs with every single server. Kind of pointless to use metrics past bwl when we know everyone quits. It’s obvious the interest in end game after p4 is low

PvP gear was rushed out in SoM. Hopefully they learn from this mistake


This guy gets it ^^^

They will not do that again.

A grand total of 1 person on the forums thought that was a good idea.


SOM2 will fail if (insert my pet issue here) :expressionless:


BGs killed the world pvp and dungeon grinding 100% in SoM.

I think honor gain is ok from day 1 as long as there aren’t BGs?

Or maybe you just shut off rank gear when you enter a raid? If you want to pvp to pvp, thats fine. Go dominate the same people over and over again with your premade and cool pvp gear. But sitting in BGs for 16 hours a day and paying people to boost and working some imaginary system to gain an advantage in pve content is lame.


As unpopular of a decision this would be, I would LOVE if ranked pvp gear simply didn’t function on entering instanced pve content.

Simply gear for world pvp and BGs.

But I acknowledge this would really mess up the concept of a fluid pvp and pve game making it very retail like

Can’t knock people who have the ability to grind out the advantage.

Welcome to an MMO


Nah you’d instantly kill half the server by disabling rank gear in pve.