Season of Discovery Phase 2 is Now Live!

Season of Discovery Phase 2 is Now Live!

Season of Discovery Phase 2 has arrived. Adventurers can level from 25 to 40, earn up to 31 additional talent points, take on the challenge of Gnomeregan as a new raid dungeon, discover new runes and abilities, and more!

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Lets go!!

Was hoping this would have patch notes for the changes to base/phase 1 abilities but oh well.
edit for my friend below: :expressionless:

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So close to first in a blue post


Yawn. Bored already


“31 additional talent points”… I thought we would have 31 total at level 40?

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Awesomesauce! Another 3 hours before I get off work. :sob: Can’t wait to dive in!


Same… I won’t deny that I did think about taking advantage of the fact that some people hated lunch today and calling out sick for the rest of the day… But responsible adult and allothat


Yes yes yes!!!
Go go go :heart_hands:
Sod with the new laws, the best part of the wow.

You need to workshop some goals.


I still have 5 more hours, and still cant play because I have to sleep for 7 hours and get up and go back to work :sob:

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now wheres my shaman 2h rune?

LFM Rfk, pst. All caster blues on reserve.

I cant wait to go SHADOW!!!

alliance already 32 but you know no favoritism here guys nope

N O GDKP, got to love it. :heart_eyes:

Skill issue.

Exactly what stood out to me… O_o. Typo, or real?

Obviously they want you to have your final tree ability and 10 extra.

Don’t hate…how close you ever gotten?

Why wait? Just play Shadow