Season of Discovery Hotfixes - Updated February 12

The issue with feral tank druid TPS needs to be addressed why not somehow allow Bears to have access to Lacerate AND Mangle at the same time like we had in TBC… the gameplay was great and this will allow us to be able to go cat after/before we have to tank and do effective DPS… Ideas on how to do this would be either move the lacerate rune to another slot OR combine lacerate and Mangle to the same rune.


I believe changing all feral abilities to scale with AP instead of things like Lacerate scaling with weapon damage would be a positive change. druids are the HYBRID of the game and atm we are gimped AF in filling that hybrid role fully… also an issue I can foresee later is if most abilities scale with feral AP but 1 scales with weapon damage gearing will become almost impossible. making the cat role tanks have to fill sometimes even more difficult to do.

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STOP NERFING HUNTERS, just optimize the other classes. The whole point was to feel overpowered. You guys said it yourselves when SoD first came out, why all the backtracking? It’s absolutely absurd you guys are nerfing that class to the ground. Ridiculous, it’s like you guys don’t have a single person in the DEV team that plays hunter or something? make it make sense.

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good great sweet

I read this entire message

interesting changes

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Since blizzard seems unable to properly update this thread for over a week…

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can yall add a physical timer to ashenvale? thanx

Logged into the game to just stand around because there is a misleading timer on the ashendale event. Been here approx 30 minutes. Add an actual timer please instead of a misleading one so that we can make informed decisions and instead of being misled.

yes :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom:

Why wasn’t the last hotfix updated here?

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Can feral druids get an aoe rune for swipe or an aoe attack for tanking?

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You can only do so much with three runes and all 3 runes currently fill a need. We will see what runes they add in Phase 2 to help rogues out in this department.

right?! and maybe have it scale with AP or something?? its actual trash atm… Maybe Mangle and Lacerate at the same time so we have some snap threat off the pull instead of having zero TPS until 5 stacks of lacerate.

solution for Druids:

  • Make Mangle a stackable spell ( each cast of mangle increases damage taken by bleeds by 20% and lowers energy cost of Rake by 10 per application)

  • Swipe deals flat 100 damage + adds 5 rage/1 combo point

  • Lacerate is now a Leg rune with increase rage cost by 20

  • add Feral Fairy Fire ( cost 25 rage or 40 energy)

  • rework savage roar to increase attack speed by 40% + 20% increase damage

  • make BFD Druid mace a Quest like Pally Verigans Fist vs rare BFD Drop locking out feral druids from key gear

This alone would make warrior deep wound just god teir with the warriors doing more dps than the entire raid put together.

I appreciate the reply!!! however I have to disagree with a lot of what you have suggested and I’ll explain:

“Make Mangle a stackable spell” This would be nice at lvl25 but falls flat at 40 as our combo point builder will be shred and mangle will only be cast for the debuff itself not to mention the amount of % bleed increase you have suggested is WAY 2 much and would unbalance classes like warr and rogue

“Swipe deals flat 100 damage + adds 5rage/1combo point” once we get to lvl 40-60 in bear we will be rage capped most of the fight when tanking I.E if swipe added rage and still didnt scale with AP it would be equally as useless as it is now. Swipe is not useable in Cat form until WOTLK and not in SoD and with the data mined “Thrash” ability I agree with that decision.

“Lacerate is now a Leg rune with increased rage cost by 20” this change just doesn’t make any sense and i srsly question if you have even played a bear in TBC/WOTLK/SoD Lacerate is 100% fine as is it works GREAT our issue is we do not have a “shield slam” style ability for snap threat and we desperately need one… Mangle in TBC/WoTLK filled this roll EXTREMELY well.

“add Feral Fairy Fire ( cost 25rage or 40 energy)” this ability is already in the game as a talent and its free… again making me ask have you even played a druid before?

“rework savage roar to increase attack speed by 40% and + 20% increased damage” this change also makes zero since Cat form base attack speed is already 1.00 I personally hate the savage roar play style and much prefer the maintaining bleeds and debuffs rather than making sure i keep a 30% + damage finishing move active to me that feels like lazy game making.

“make BFD Druid mace a Quest like pally Verigans Fist vs rare BFD Drop locking out feral druids from key gear” This i agree with it makes 100% sense but 2 little 2 late as the phase is over already.



plz tell me ele shammans getting a mail set since they are going 2 have no peel or is your plan for them to die instantly to physcial

Thanks for info!


February 12, 2024

WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

  • You can now get a new Squall-breakers Potion from Rau Cliffrunner in Freewind Post upon accepting the quest “Calm Before the Storm”.
  • Recipe: Lesser Arcane Elixir is now bind-on-pickup.
  • The Battle for Ashenvale weekly quests “Clear the Forest!” and “Repelling Invaders” now grant full XP and reputation rewards, through level 40.
  • The Ashenvale Rallying Cry world buff is now usable through level 39.
  • The Spark of Inspiration world buff now correctly increases +healing.
  • Item requirements for the quests “Power of da Wind”, “Power of da Earth”, and “Power of da Water” have been reduced.
  • Druid
    • Starsurge base damage reduced by 35%, and its benefit from bonus spell damage effects reduced to 42.9%, matching other instant spells.
    • Starsurge now provides a new effect: your next Starfire cast within 15 seconds deals 66% increased damage.
    • Fixed an issue with Enhanced Restoration preventing Nourish from gaining increased healing from Rejuvenation and Regrowth.
  • Paladin
    • Fixed an issue where the Sheathe of Light spell power proc wasn’t correctly activated by melee attacks.
  • Shaman
    • Fixed an issue where Ravaging Tempest could sometimes not lose its protective aura when Ailgrah Splittusk was killed.
  • Stranglethorn Vale PvP Event
    • Players who resurrect in Stranglethorn Vale during the Blood Moon event and gain Drained of Blood will now be immune to attack during its duration, but unable to cast spells or attack. They can mount and move to another location and are invisible to players outside their party.
    • Drained of Blood duration reduced to 20 seconds (was 60 seconds).
    • Drained of Blood now has a visual.
    • Players who wish to opt out of Blood Moon should now more easily notice the Zandalarian Emissary.

Did you somehow need another 5% nerf to Starsurge between the hotfix and now?