Season of Discovery Class Tuning Incoming - February 20

IM Personally curious why there buffing all these dps in the first place… not like bringing healers to bgs is worth it when u have a bunch of sp warlocks rogues literally one shotting everyone including healers honestly … they have ruined the aspect of pvp … priest healers worthless shaman healers worthless druid healers worthless pally healers worthless u know why … we can 3 heals were oom u choose then to make a ton of gnomer gear int spirit no stam … so bgs are literally who kills who first and who has more instant casts … doesnt take any skill. I personally play disc i have been 1 shot from pyro through barrier with 2 k health i have myy 1 shot from chaos bolt … one shot from raptor strike 1 shot from mutilate 1 shot from shadow word death i mean blizzard come on if u want to buff the damage cool but u need to buff the damn healers so we can somewhat try and keep up with half the damn damage going on our shield suck our heals suck our mana pres sucks … do better and fix the healers across the board …

In what world is the class that is only bested by melee hunters “underperforming”?

They are the second highest pve dps class currently. And the best healer. They should be middle if not bottom dps, not top.

Because SW:D has backlash, it is allowed to do more damage.

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Please please please. Shift shaman to 2h. Nobody in classic wants it dw. Make lava lash apply to 2h with reduce damage and increase wf proc chance on 2h. That would bring 2h middle of the pack

I edited my response, you were right about the one point. But my original point was to correct the claim about the 15% stun proc. That was the original claim by someone else that I was correcting.

Muh parse! How am I ever going to get my 99s after I raid log every 3 days with my world buffs?

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But at least you have two runes for slam

starsurge half the cd of swd and doesnt hurt you when you use it

That’s a skewed scoring system. Go look at actual dmg logs for yourself.

Druid DoTs do no damage and can’t stun and can’t crit and don’t stack a debuff on you that makes starsurge do more damage.

Starsurge also typically required a precast starsurge to get eclipse up before it started being strong.

Starsurge also required you to give up all other stats in favour of pure arcane damage gear to be on the same level as SW:D.

Starsurge was obviously a bit too strong, but boomies are no where near the power level of spriests.

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They are also topping healing at the same time. Its pretty wild.

This isnt really much of a nerf. Their DoTs are too strong as is so this just makes that worse. And if the DoT crit rune materializes we’ll all be in trouble in P3.

They also need to nerf their sustain.

Yeah people are just complaining which I understand but there’s just no good argument for healing classes to also top the dmg meters

Why ever level a warrior/rogue/hunter if that were the case

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they are NOWHERE close to the 2nd highest pve class.

That person specifically linked 99th percentile logs for a reason. But if you look across all percentiles they are #2. That basically means they are a lot easier to play and get good damage from, but highly skilled players in other classes have a chance to outperform.

Aka spriests are EXTREMELY strong AND extremely EASY to play.

The actual statistics prove you are wrong.


There are 4 Spriests in the top 100 out of all 6 bosses in gnomer, 4 of those being on one boss, with 3 of those 4 getting knocked out of the top 100 with the nerf.

What kind of mental gymnastics did you do to come to the conclusion that the only other class that beats Spriest is melee hunter?

Guess I have to repeat myself.

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Even if you look at all percentiles, our median is the second-highest and our minimum is also the second-highest.

Sure on the rankings you don’t see many Shadow Priests but that is because we have a small population.

Maybe that is because not many people play Shadow Priest compared to other classes, so of course there aren’t gonna be many in the top 100

We are 5th from the bottom for the number of parses, very small pop

spriest are ALWAYS strong at the start of phases because of base damage. they have horrible spell power coefficients and get outscaled VERY quickly, as seen when you filter by ilvl.

4 seconds on rip is definitely going not change a thing for ferals