Season of Discovery Class Tuning Incoming - February 20

shadow priests had it coming, we saw it from a mile away

Who will be next on the chopping block I wonder?

whoever the community whines the loudest about 100%


So…Melee Hunter?

That explains a lot lmao

no!!! not melee hunter. Melee hunter is weak and needs buff, and the other specs need buffs the hardest.

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Nah theyre done. You dont go from implementing a reddit comment and nuking a class to fixing it overnight. Maybe in a few months when no one plays anymore.

They havent even admitted theyre wrong yet. They unironically think its comparable.

“Currently under performing”

If you look at the AVERAGE raid (Average parses, not the top maxed out parsers) over the past day in Gnomer spriests are THIRD in damage

As a HEALING hybrid class



5.5% is something we can afford to lose for the sake of decent PvP.

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I think they should nerf ret paladins in pvp. I don’t like being killed in 2 globals while im stunned.

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It honestly won’t be too bad.

Oh yeah, I am happy that they buffed other abilities, we all knew SW:D was OP

5.5% is practically nothing

A year+ of asking for a reasonable haste modifier on SWP in WOTLK met with silence but a few PvE players run into a fairly standard PvP spell and SWD gets dumped on. Shame on you Blizz, shame :stuck_out_tongue:

it will be more when the priest has more spell power

I’m not disagreeing with the pvp nerf, it’s the lack of redistributing that dmg to other spells that should be done. If Spriest was performing really well in PVE it would be fine, but that’s not the case.

  • Shadow Word: Death base damage before modifiers decreased by 40% and spellpower coefficient adusted to 42.9% (was 64.3%).
  • Developers’ notes: Overall, this should result in a 33-40% damage reduction on Shadow Word: Death, depending on the amount of spellpower the priest has.

How would this make sense? it would be more like 40%(WITH NO SPELL POWER) to 55%(with a lot of spellpower)

Thank god. Guess I will reactivate my sub then.

We are currently 4th best.

Last phase we were at the absolute bottom. It doesn’t matter if we drop down to the middle of the pack, as long as we are decent, that is all we need.


Why was starsurge nerfed 47% and THE MORE POWERFUL SW:D only nerfed “33-40”%?

Why? They were already broken, already a huge problem, and now they are even worse? Who made this brilliant decision? They need to be reduced not increased. Take the damn crit rune away ffs.

dude shut up, nobody uses mind spike in pvp anyway. They are just trying to offset the pve nerf (albeit failing)