Season of Discovery – Ashenvale PvP Changes December 7

The following changes are now live:

  • When a character makes any hostile action against an opposing faction Lieutenant (e.g. Keepers of the Grove, Blademasters) or faction leader in the various objective areas, they will receive reputation when that enemy dies.
    • It must be an offensive action (harmful spell, harmful ability, melee attack, or ranged attack) against an enemy to receive reputation.
      • This also affects Healers who must use an offensive actions against the Lieutenant or faction leader.
  • Characters will receive reputation even if they are dead or no longer nearby as long as they are still in the zone when the enemy dies.
  • Characters will receive 200 reputation for killing a Lieutenant and all members of the winning faction will receive 200 reputation when the faction leader dies.
  • The winning team will also receive 100 reputation per friendly Lieutenant remaining.
    • Example: If there are two Lieutenants alive when the battle is won, a character will gain 200 reputation plus whatever was earned from defeating objectives plus the 200 reputation from killing the enemy faction leader (assuming the character used an offensive action against the faction leader).
  • The Trainee’s Sentinel Nightsaber and Trainee’s Outrider Wolf now require Friendly reputation with the Silverwing Sentinels and Warsong Outriders respectively (was Honored).
  • Players now have 60 minutes to complete the Ashenvale PvP event (was 30 minutes).

Okay 1 step in the right direction, now only WSG premade vs premade when?

Also where is the tenacity buff? I’m sick of being rolled in a 30 vs 160 in ashenvale.


Can you also make it so you don’t have to have the event active to turn the quest item in? It feels really bad losing out on potential kills & reputation because you have to start at the base of your faction.

Add a quest turn in NPC to the respective home base. (Splintertree or Astranaar). Or make the turnins available at the PVP Vendors for WSG for each faction.


Good stuff, now please make warbringer for warrios easier to get this grind is insane



Good changes. W from Blizzard.


Crazy they do this after I hit Revered, but grats to everyone else.

On another note, not mentioned above, I don’t get any of the Faction Leader Rep at Revered. Bugged or intentional? I still get rep from the little adds, but none of the other stuff.


Probably never.

Just by adding Solo Que this would happen. Everyone would Solo Que so everyone else would be Premade vs Premade. SOD is the time to test Solo Que it’s been asked for 20 years.

If I Que into a Premade I just leave. Not going to reward them by being cheesy. I don’t want to Que against or be in a Premade. If I wanted to get in discord for BGs then I would play Retail and do Rated Battle Grounds.



“que” is “what” in Spanish.

Currently not getting rep for Lieutenants or the final boss at revered. Still getting rep for all of the adds (dryads, archers, etc.). Is this intentional?

Que is also slang for Queue in WoW. No one is going to type out the longer version and why we have so many acronyms or abbreviations.


Good maybe it’s capped. Really wish they would remove ppl’ who exploited Rep farms. Not saying you did. Just making a statement. There really shouldn’t of been Rep to begin with because that is what led to Ashenvale being unplayable in the first place.

This needs to happen. And Blizzard needs a more aggressive stance on botting. Ya’ll need to take the initiative and shut down GDKPS and you need BAN gold buyers. Stop being soft on this degenerate behavior.


Very good change, thanks devs for listening! :heart:

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Change one person killing a civilian deranks entire raid.



This would be big a lot of people get side tracked during the event to hand it in causing a loss too. I’d put a permanent npc at the moonwell blizz.


youre not the only class that is required to do that. Youll be ok. Tons of groups farming those materials.

Well done!!! Now Premades VS Premades in BG asap!!! :smiley: <3