Season 4 for Honor Kind of Screws People Who Do Arena

I think I see what you’re saying now. You want to use your arena points while they are still arena points, if I’m comprehending correctly.

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Yes, I meant do 5s or push 2s/3s.
5s gets SO many more points:

Final Arena Calculator: Rating Required For 1200 Points:

Final Arena Calculator: 2s Rating: 2083
Final Arena Calculator: 3s Rating: 1457
Final Arena Calculator: 5s Rating: 1274

Yes, that’s right. But it seems from the blue post that they will be forced converted to honor, which I don’t need as I’m already honor capped on multiple toons that currently have arena points (which currently can’t be spent because I have everything outside of the rated stuff).

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So, what you’re saying is that there won’t be a grace period after the season ends to spend those points. In which, you may have a point.

I’d have to read this blue post myself though.

With prepatch in 2 weeks, no, most people don’t care anymore.

Any point prior? Yeah, pretty easily. Saw advertisements for it all the time.

It’s based off of rating, higher rating, more points, as well as what you q’d into to. 2’s awards the lowest, 5s the most, hence why there was ads for 5 mans for points.

It really isn’t hard to win one at a rating of 0.

It isn’t. I worked for 9 months or so to make this rogue as geared as possible until I hung up the towel for raiding. I didn’t get this overnight. Not my fault you’re on a dead server where you ask blizzard for bots for instances, but refuse to transfer but then talk about how you’re a consumer refusing to consume but wanting to consume.

Yes. Because the other is just outright gatekeeping players for the sole reason of checks notes they’re better geared.

Which is just absurd.

You already are. There is 0 classic subs as everyone who plays classic is paying for a retail sub which includes classic access in the retail sub.

Lucky for you I played retail till the end of SL S1, and I can tell you that most of what you want is indeed in that game.

Except you come in demanding and get defensive when no one agrees with you, and then you go make asinine comments about gatekeeping players because they played the game.

No, I would get it when you explain more than “its just more funner bro” and then follow that up with “I’m going to complain about every system in the game I find more funner bro.”

It’s why I asked, is it the story? I’m trying to figure out why you’re here but you’re responding like a dented brained 5 year old because mommy had to much fun juice and kept dropping you.

Here’s the blue post:

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Didn’t honor cap change to 150k in WOTLK or am I misremembering? I am also at 5k arena points and 75k honor :frowning:

I sure hope you’re right, but afaik, it stays the same.

Fair enough I mean I don’t know at this point I don’t see why the arena season 4 gear isn’t reduced in price anyway I mean we’re literally at the end of the game although maybe it’s just because they haven’t gotten a chance to do it yet who knows.

It’s actually about buying the weapon and shoulders with the arena points that were earned.

Now that they are being converted as soon as s4 ends, we are capped and now able to purchase the items to complete the set for honor. At that point, we purchase the weapon/shoulders and are down 35k honor, even though we had 5k points waiting to be spent on that gear.

Just stinks for people who play the game to get the short end of the stick over and over again.


Coming from a rogue, it would seem that way.

Gatekeeping? Lol, coming from someone that doesn’t want to give random BGers the same opportunity to earn what the arena players earn.

But I suppose it’s ok for RBGs to award arena/conquest points, even though it isn’t arena. Again, how convenient.

You still have to pay for the current retail expansion, not just the sub. I could be wrong on that though but last time I checked, I wasn’t.

Your words may say these things, but I won’t know for a FACT until I download retail and see for myself with empirical experience.

I didn’t say arena players should not do BGs, I said BGs should award some arena gear.
But of course, that doesn’t sit well with you, doesn’t it? I’m not surprised why.

“Funner” is enough. Plus, I’ve given these details to countless “go play retail” responses. I don’t feel like giving anymore right now. Go dig through my posts if you want to really know.

While we’re on the subject, It’s definitely a factor. I don’t find the lore to be very creative and interesting since Cataclysm. (With the exception of pandaria’s storyline)

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Oh dang. Good thing theyre available for honor then or there would be cause for concern

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You’re a shaman. Every warrior wants a shaman.

It is not hard for any team to get a single win in the week, especially at 0 rating.

Accessibility to content is not the same as accessibility to gear. The tier of content one is doing should not be barred, but that tier of content should not award a higher tier of reward.

RBGS don’t award arena points, hence the name change to conquest points.

Both arena and RBGs are rated content, and thus reward rated gear.

You are wrong. You do not pay for a classic sub. You pay for a retail sub.

Then download it. You already have a sub.

Or just google it.

The thing about evidence is that you can verify it. So go verify it.

Seems like you do though.

Because I don’t think people should get awarded higher tier items for doing lower tier content.

If you don’t care to explain why you hate the game that has everything you want, and love the game that has nothing you want, then I don’t care.

Are you seriously worried about level 70 gear in wrath? Av gear is buyable for honor in tbc but I’m not complaining that I had to grind it during vanilla.

I really wouldn’t consider purchasing s4 gear, you might as well stack your honor for wrath.

How do other people getting gear after a season screw ppl who got it during the season? Just play the game the way you want to.

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I don’t think worried is the right word. I like gearing up my alts for leveling. Season 4 will last at least till level 76 and in some cases 80. It also means I don’t have to level in dungeons on every char and I can have a good time leveling in BGs on select toons which will now award xp. And S4 will be bis gear for leveling in BGs. It’s beside the main point, but yes I would like to get a complete S4 for my alts as do many others.


If S4 arena gear remains available for Honor Points through LKClassic, that’s another +1 for twinking at the 70-79 bracket.

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They don’t. You need to read past the first line of the post.

Not even one or two pieces at most?

And yet a PvEer can buy the previous season’s gear with their currency.