Season 3 Issue

Holy cow this, no one needs these trinkets. They just become to much of a pain to not use when everyone has them…


I agree 100%.

I think stat templates fix a number of these issues and also directly give blizzard nobs to turn for tuning to help fix issues.

I also hate relentless conceptually, but I
think it has a place vs some teams (like mage/lock to avoid literal perna cc). The issue is just as you said; the Stam creep.

I’d love to roll that back, but then exceptionally bursty comps would need either their survivability or damage nerfed.

Also, this is a minor thing, but I hate the classes that are “strong” ATM. Assa rogue and dk/dh are super braindead, and guardian is a main class, when things like sub rogue/feral or boomy and ww/war have higher skill Caps but just fall so far short because of how gear plays out. Every non RMP mirror is 10+ dampening games.

Thanks for the update, I recommend everyone to screen shot there win loss as of now untill they restart season 3.

Their top priority is getting the server back up so you can continue to be farmed by bears,destro and rmpalla.

Wdym?? There are plenty of dk/dh with tank trinkets and rmpriest too!

Update 4:15 p.m. PST - January 2, 2020

We’ve finished creating and testing a fix for the issue, and we will implement the fix after realm restarts tomorrow. We’ve scheduled the realm restarts for Friday, January 3 at 7:00 a.m. PST / 10:00 a.m. EST, and we expect we’ll complete the fix about three hours later.

Again, thank you for your patience.


Why exactly are we waiting until tomorrow to release the hot fix? Also a LOT of other questions regarding this bug that have been entirely ignored.

MM plays extremely well into destro.

Yet it’s one of the main things you cry about.


At least they fixing it… I was 60/40 on them stalling until season was actually over and saying oops ?

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I was thinking we’d hear at the day of new season it was fixed and they’ve learned from their mistakes.


it’s going to take 3 hours
it’s not a ‘hotfix’ hotfixes are instantly applied

i also doubt it’s been entirely ignored
there’s a SIGNIFICANT chance this isn’t just some “oh haha flipped the off season switch on, shoot! just flip it back off really quick”

wows code is like 20 years old
a lot of the programming is kinda janky

it wouldn’t surprise me if they had to spend the last 3 days recreating the entire ladder and the fix is literally creating a new season where they award all the same wins/pts ect to each player participating but actually lost all of the old data in it’s place


i play well into it, but that doesnt help my partner from being 1 shot, also its super boring to have to pillar the entire game for fear of being 2 shot in a coil.

Which one is it now?

the “well x does really well into warlock” as an argument to how bad warlock makes the game currently is dumb

saying ‘just do x until 50% damp and kill the warlock it’s fine’ is literally justifying guardian druids existence because the strategy is the exact same against them


…but the more likely situation is that there was no one at the office the past few days because of the holidays, so there was no one to fix the problem. I’d bet anything that the bug was related to the conquest rewards ending their seasonal cycle, so the game thought there was no current season taking place. Probably not that hard to fix.

could be

though last season conquest ended 2 weeks earlier than the season and in place they gave us a 410 weapon (when 400 was the old cap) and another piece after that off the schedule

Inb4 the title cutoffs listed on ladder are messed up from the fix.

Please quit acting like these comps are even remotely the same.

LLD DRs literally everything together. Clone fear stuns coil and roots. The only similarities they have is that it involves two casters. I ran into that comp once when queueing alts at 2.4 and a few times with an hpal recently on 2.4 alts. I rarely see it even ran outside of when I run it. There’s ample room for counterplay against LLD, and most melee comps barely have to run from it granted they equip tank trinkets.


Lol people still play this game! This thread got 200+ responses and even 3(!) blue posts!

please. stop.