Season 3 Issue

Probably for their other games but not for WoW and definitely not for pvp issues.

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Even if it isn’t fixed, an update would be something.


They just announced a fix going out but any gains during the brief off season may not be retained.

You don’t seem to like guardian XD
I agree tho; I think guardian needs nerfs-namely remove the sac aura. Between breaking CC and stopping gos by just being there and having 100% uptime it’s too strong.

But I think rogue/mage, destro locks, and dk/dh with pve trinkets is just as-if not more broken. What’d you change to balance pvp?


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Update 11:10 a.m. PST - January 2, 2020

We continue to work through this issue, which is our top priority.

We’re working on a hotfix for the game that will resume Season 3, and at this time, we expect that we will be able to retroactively retain rating changes and tier updates. We do not expect that we will be able to retroactively retain the season games played count or win counts that increased during this brief offseason.

We’ll let you know once we have the final hotfix prepared, as we intend to restart all realms to deploy the fix.

Thank you for your patience.


sorry was trying to link blue post about the issue, and i messed it up lol

Mmo-champion just had a blue post link a minute ago. this could be under the pvp issue blue post in general discussion.

Thanks for the update!

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Sad face :frowning:

Broken or not, the problem that everyone has is that the peak of Guardian gameplay is your ability to hit decurse and skull bash, the latter only being important in stopping a gpy. There’s very little a Guardian druid can do wrong or right in a game, so every game you play versus one feels ridiculous.

Two big things you do as Guardian
1.) Stand near the guy being hit
2.) If you’re the guy being hit stay in bear form

The of of what you do as a Guardian is pretty much unimportant and impacts your game very little. God forbid you’re actually a decent Guardian that removes havoc before a coil goes out and you sit on your GCD to stop it.

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Thanks for the update.

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A lot of players struggle with this.


Sure, that’s fair. But by that same token, destro lock you just cast CC until you get kicks or a CC lands w/out a dispell for bolts that can 1shot (especially as mage/lock or double destro). As a rogue, you basically just maintain bleeds and press kidney. I dont think either one of those have any more of a skill cap than guardian.

Really that’s the bear’s job TBH, it’s not like you ever really are dropping hard CC on the guardian to begin with.

Do fears count as hard CC?

I think so. since I can get hit by a 90k chaos bolt and it not break :slight_smile:
And no, im not confusing it with coil… or conflag root… or shadowfury… or infernal stun… which are all on separate DRs.

To be clear; I’m not saying i dont think guardian should be nerfed-I don’t like the idea of tanks in pvp and I think they SHOULD be nerfed. But with the strength of RMP being as absurd as it is and the fact that it’s a strong majority of the ladder, I don’t mind having guardian be a counter comp to it. In fact I think that’s good for the game.

But yeah, I think sac aura needs to be removed. But I feel the same way about focus chaos pvp talent and greater pyroblast as well.

Except your window to one shot someone with a bolt is limited to about 15 seconds, requires you to drop 3-4 rain of fires… and it doesn’t one shot.

Despite what you read here on the forums, as a lock you have to actually do certain things to get damage off. You think you just let bolts fly on a fear vs double melee teams? Yeah maybe with MLD but no other comp you run is going to just be like, “Ahh screw it let the destro just slam bolts all game.”

High rated teams are going to communicate stops and even juking two kicks isn’t going to magically get your next bolt out. I’ve played Guardian druid in 3s. There’s very little to do as the spec period. You run through a list of abilities to negate damage that have a low CD and your passive POTP covers most failures you have.

Go give a DK a fear as MLD or a sheep and watch how quick you can lose. At the very least it will cost you CDs. Bear druid comps just don’t deal with any of these issues. In a setting where there is already little punishment for failure bear druid just about eliminates it.


When the bear gets feared, how is it their job to stay near the kill target?