Season 2 Updates and Reminders

The same “time gating”, but now you can get the stuff being time gated, easier?

But it will literally be easier to get the stuff than S1.

…but its literally easier to get the stuff being complained about than in S1.

If you dabble in any raiding and m+ you could get your 4 piece by like week 3 most likely. Unless you have bad luck.

Its not raiders complaining. Its mplus only players.


I’ve seen it from both, but the raiders tend to be louder about it.

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Ehh my experience is different. The people I see being louder are the mplus crowd.


But he’s got those cool accents on the vowels.

I think it’s illegal not to be edgy


Again, this is stupid.

For someone that doesn’t subject themselves to the awful content that is raiding, it is the only source of tier.

I’d rather they get rid of tier altogether instead of being moronic. I’m not 15 anymore. I grew up passed the point of scheduling dedicated time to a video game over a decade ago.

Effectively this season does not begin until June. I do not see any point at all even subscribing until this cringe crap “unlocks”.


I don’t see much point of you playing if you have to wait 10 weeks before you get 4 piece lol.

Took me 5 weeks to get 4 pieces this season while raiding every week (raid release was Dec 12, I got my 4th piece on January 15th) and that was considered very very unlucky.

Would still be 5 weeks ahead of you though, if i only played M+ i’d be livid too :joy:

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You guys need to make ilvls in raid static for the most part again. Item levels increasing the further you go into the raid was goofy. A mistake.

Making the entire raid loot pool available no matter what boss you kill should be considered. Or just let us target pieces already.

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Thank you!! The whole “currency” of it made it useless to me for alts, I refused to grind the currency on each and every toon. Though the Season 1 Catalyst quest was easy, and since it was account wide I didn’t mind it.

Just get rid of the catalyst and increase the drop rate of tier from raids.

All M+ players ever do is complain about the catalyst anyway, they obviously don’t like having it around.


They wouldn’t complain if it was available at the start. Do WTF they ask and the game gets better.


Maybe for you pvers , but rng tier sets is a plague in pvp.

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I think this is old fashioned thinking that doesn’t translate well into what is essentially only the various races for world and server firsts.

Imagine if the NFL were to roll dice at the beginning of each season to see which team got to use their A team, and which had to run it’s third string team members.

That’s essentially what the status quo is, for no reason other than it’s always been this way.

And for all they say “this is backup! It’s not meant to be the primary aquisition method!” for many (most?) players, especially casual ones that don’t care about raiding it IS their primary source of tier.

It’s basically saying “Ok, most of you are going to be allowed to have tier bonuses on the 4th of July”. That’s not a great way to get players to play your game, and a great way to drive away the ones that are still here by doubling down on ignoring feedback.

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Vault provides tier in even the M+ and PvP rows. The ONLY ones that the catalyst is the primary way of getting tier is those who don’t do any end game content aside from world content.


And that is, indeed, a very significant amount of the game’s remaining playerbase.

Also RNG means a not insignificant amount of those that do participate in those endgame activities might just not get tier for no reason other than bad luck… putting them in exactly the same boat as the casual who doesn’t do those activities at all.

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Because they disagreed with it. I cannot remember Blizzards argument in detail, but it was something about them not wanting to turn the Catalyst into the primary way of obtaining tier gear. It’s just meant to be badluck protection and a catch up system.


Isn’t that what they just said they’re doing?

edit: and fwiw, this feels like a BAD idea to me. The Raids are now structured (haven’t they ALWAYS been this way??!) of getting harder and harder the further and further you progress.

But now, you can just kill the first loot pinata boss… and get the loot from the FINAL boss???

That doesn’t feel like the right move.

We just went the ENTIRE SEASON and never saw the Raza Bow drop a single time. That’s RIDICULOUS. But I don’t think this is the solution for that problem. Winning that BiS item from the hardest boss is part of what makes raiding fun. You’re REMOVING that sense of accomplishment. Doesn’t seem like the right move…

That’s me in a nutshell. Worst luck ever and my guild can attest to it.

Always the lowest geared raid member lol


That’s not what this change is. People had been only killing the last 4 bosses in a raid, whole season, to maximize what would be in the vault. If you follow the normal progression of the raid, this changes nothing for you.


You’re moving the wrong direction. Can’t kill first boss and get Sarkareth loot. But if you only kill Sarkareth, your single vault slot might be first boss loot.

Which, as someone else pointed out, makes it more difficult to target raid loot. The class trinkets off Echo of Nelth are already tagged as “very rare” and now even if you only kill that boss, your vault slot would have the possibility of dropping every previous boss’s loot on top of the loot you’re trying to get.

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