Season 2 PvP

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for posting in the WoW Community and including DK’s on your PvP Modifiers post. Thank you.

You heard us
You did something
That’s all we have been asking.

Thank you!

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He just woke up from his 12 year coma.

In regards to DKs, we aren’t asking for much we just want to be worth taking to groups, which currently isn’t the case.

DK pvp modifiers are definitely an issue, but also for the case of unholy, we have very little options to choose from for honor talents.

Biggest QoL changes you could make for unholy would be to make necrotic wounds baseline and also give us Summon Abom if we take Army of the dead talent. Those would free up choices.

Arguably DS is overnerfed and so is AMS as well.

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plugging my idea of a gladiator’s catalyst once more
make it available immediately and only active in pvp, remove tier drops from vault

i know kennie is gonna respond with ‘well they want gear to be usable in other forms of content’
yeah dude not sure i care
let the catalyst turn stuff into regular tier after the normal one unlocks at the same rate you get a new charge for free then

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Oh, I see.


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i thought just a lot of words was whats up but that color just makes my mind melt. from the responses it seems like good news, nice.

When you’re having rum me boys

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kinda sorta off topic but we havent got a new battleground in five years. and nobody seems to even care or bring it up.

its kinda sad we just let blizz get away with the absolute lowest bare minimum.

back when i played ut2004 there were thousands of little kids making thousands of maps in their spare time, these were big maps being made on crappy computers in 2004.

why can a large company like blizzard not make a new map in 5 years

Response to a post I made on the fact we haven’t had a BG in years. My assumption is that we’re getting new content but it’s not far along in development to make any kind of announcements.

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Rated solo bg leak perhaps?