Season 2 PvP

Below is a post I made on the council forums. Community council discussions about pvp are generally non-existent so thought I’d put it here. Feel free to add opinions or things I could add and would love if people reacted to the original post!

A check in for PvP for season 2. While everything is not on fire like it was with the ret rework, it’s still not in a great situation. There’s been no tuning done since the initial destro lock nerfs, which I personally think is unacceptable. You can argue that you don’t want to do tuning till you have enough data on where PvP is where most people have the 4-set bonus from tier, but even that is a terrible argument as a lot of people won’t have 4-set from pvp for another 2-3 weeks, which would be a whole 4-5 or more weeks of no tuning. On top of that just playing the game feels terrible with the hard mmr deflation, resulting in an unsatisfying grind where you either

  1. Wait forever in lfg hoping to get a group
  2. Wait 30+ minutes in a solo shuffle queue as DPS and spend 10 minutes stressing out cause you’re dying non stop every match from high damp
  3. Queue as a healer (assuming you have a heal spec) and then have multiple heart attacks while your entire team is dying, get no rewards, wonder why you queued to begin with, and then uninstall the game

The only thing that made shuffle bearable in season 1 was the fact that you could get higher rating and have rewards to look forward to, even if you had to wait in queue forever. The 3s ladder is just spell cleaves, enh/x, sub/x, and the occasional jungle every game. Destro never needs to cast, enhance globals, sub globals, boomkin has insane damage on top of 0.5s cyclones that reduce your damage done and healing taken, precog is insane while the new determination buff from the figurine of gathering storms might as well not even exist. It’s all awful.

Then there’s battlegrounds, I’m sure the devs have looked at the forums and seen all the complaints for the past few months (and probably years). People hate queueing into premades, especially when you’re trying to gear and then you face a full group of conquest players with tier doing a weekly, which just leads to unfun gameplay.

  1. Make premades queue against each other
  2. Make battlegrounds and epic battlegrounds mixed factions, which helps queues and should fix faction imbalance (which historically was horde dominated and now leans towards alliance)
  3. As a temporary solution, if mixed faction queues take a while, maybe make it so alliance can queue into each other, and that horde can queue with alliance with mercenary buff in an alliance filled group, or vice-versa.

While this is not entirely pvp related, I do want to speak on the topic of catalyst. While I feel like the requisition speed of tier is not that bad, I think catalyst should be moved up a week or two. I know raiders that got 4p two days into the patch (which most of is the same or better in terms of ilvl than pvp gear), and a lot of pvp/m+ players want easier access to tier. I think that it would make balancing the patch earlier easier for devs, and would also be nice for players to get their hands on the new toys of the patch faster. It’s also just more alt friendly as you can make a new alt and not worry that you missed out on 3-4 weeks of vault rewards and possible tier drops.

Overall I would say 10.1 has been pretty low in terms of satisfaction as far as pvp goes, and hope to see more work put into balancing and general content.

Cheers, Sha



second lol

You have no idea how demotivating it has been, queuing for up to 45 min or more even to not receive a reward or worse, lose rating.

Regarding the tier, you are completely right, in many instances of pvp, SS more than anything I have seen people with their 4 pieces, in case dk is below average, I have experience in 2.3k and I am stuck in a limbo of 1400 -1500, my class is not very good and I have to compete with the luck of others with 4 pieces… I would even like to know if they really have their sights set on class balance, it’s almost ridiculous that many classes have to try so hard not to get nothing compared to others, many think about this, I don’t think I won’t find a solution when there have been so many complaints, especially in recent months


Hi can you make a post about how they neglect death knights and dgaf about reworking anything into the kit since Legion (tell them to look at our pvp modifiers). Thanks. I don’t care how you formulate it. Just get their attention.

good. im glad someones bring this whole fiasco to blizzards attention. i hate that they capped MMR in an already deflated season. what is the purpose of trying to push rating when you know its hard capped. i swear who ever is running blizzard pvp dept is probably some unpaid intern


Perfectly said. Well done. DF has so much potential. What a waste.

Good post, I agree with basically everything. Here’s to hoping you get traction where 99.9% of the rest of the player base has failed to solicit even a “we’re looking into it” response.

Please, blizzard will not acknowledge the DK forums/Feedback/Content creators. It’s stabbing them in the throat to be so disconnected from this class. There’s no passion for the class. WoTLK people were infatuated with the class, it was amazing, it really felt like a Hero Class. Where has this passion gone?

They won’t listen, but maybe you can read this, and maybe just throw some attention about it to them?

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Sure I can make a post or add on to the original about dk and pvp modifiers in general.


I think a lot of dks don’t want to just be viable though, you guys want to be broken like s1 where you could just camp out behind a pillar with a wizard blasting into you and yawn at them while spellwarding made you a god for nothing.

dk and hpally need something.

(This is mainly in regards to PvP)

We don’t want “Overwhelming Power” We just want some better gameplay mechanics (not more globals) or logical mechanisms that other classes have been receiving. We have been outdated since Legion and a lot of mechanics are just chores to do. More importantly they combed through the PvP talents. We don’t want S+++ Tier, we don’t want 1 button insta kills, we just want some logical thorough communication and design for the class.

We want fun, interesting, updated gameplay. It shouldn’t be so neglected.

This is a great summary of what the core issues are. Blizzard has been cannibalizing their designs on this class and it heavily shows in this videos explanations. Idk if I’m allowed to post that.

Thanks, and thanks for responding.


they are obviously terrified to make pvp worth playing via rewards. we still have the same joke of an honor system since legion, and the same garbage reward tier system since bfa.

they care so little about pvp that they haven’t even made a blue post about their direction for the season other than the one where they said they wanted to bring shuffle in line with 3s.

expect nothing and be pleasantly surprised if they do the bare minimum


How is it even possible that balance druid is OP? It needs to at least do the kind of DMG it does now, else you can delete that spec. For the first time in WOW history balance druid is somewhat not infinetely worse than feral and is finaly competitive, nothing beyond that.

If they nerf balance DMG it will be forever removed from the PvP scene.

Melee is still much stronger. Just sit on the balance dryid and it will reduce the DMG by 50% at least, no need to nerf, just play better, ranged DMG from casters is avoidable, if the caster is too far away, just go around the corner, too close, shut him down.

Melee DMG cannot be avoided anymore in wow and is breaking the game, I would rather join a lobby against a destro and another caster than warrior and another melee anytime. The game will end much quicker in a melee lobby.




boomie is strong. not imba tho. sub rogue is imba

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boomy is obviously imba

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Could you ask for some utilities nerfs for rets and mages please?


E1: And remove the second vanish from subt. Assas don’t have 2 vanish, 2 vanish is super toxic.

tyvm again!

Druids always have had excellent crowd control and healing, not just self heal, but healing in general. They still do.

The compromise to all that utility was their damage was meh. Sometimes blizzard was blizzard and their damage was terrible, but the intent was meh damage, amazing everything else.

Now boomkins have solid damage and all that utility which combined makes them really strong.

Think about how Boomie insta cast spells cleave or will auto follow a target. They don’t have to choose “do I cleave or focus one?” They just do both. The boomkin can fart out damage, then cyclone the healer and lololol around in bear form.

If boomkin’s damage was tied to wrath/Starfire or other casted spells I don’t think people would be so upset about them.